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The American Medical Association differentiates between eight different types of anxiety. Each of them is unique in its symptoms and treatments but many people with anxiety have more than one of the anxiety disorders. During your Portsmouth anxiety therapy sessions, your counselor will work with you to get you the proper diagnosis. Once they’ve diagnosed you, a treatment plan can be created.

The eight types of anxiety and common anxiety symptoms

The eight recognized anxiety types are social anxiety, phobias, medication and / or substance abuse induced anxiety, panic disorders, selective mutism, separation anxiety, agoraphobia, and generalized anxiety.

Symptoms will vary person by person. In some cases, you may have just a single symptom of anxiety while another person may have every symptom. Some people experience symptoms virtually all the time while others only have symptoms once in a while. Remember that though we’re going to list some common symptoms for you, it’s not wise to self-diagnose. When you visit us for Portsmouth anxiety counseling we can give you an accurate diagnosis.

Some common symptoms of anxiety include having trouble concentrating, having a hard time breathing, getting frequent headaches, having issues with the GI tract, having obsessive thoughts or worrying all the time, being confused, being irritable, finding it easy to become frustrated, feeling despair, tension, rapid heartbeat, sweating, and a general feeling of malaise.

Ready for the next step? Get in touch with a counselor

Your anxiety may be caused by a specific event like being the victim of a sexual assault or violent crime, or losing a loved one. On the other hand, it may come out of nowhere. Some people even experience anxiety as a side effect of another medical issue. No matter what your situation is, getting in touch with a counselor is your next move. At Thriveworks Portsmouth Counseling & Coaching, we’re here to help you.

Many new clients are nervous about counseling. They don’t know what to expect and they’re fearful of the unknown. We understand and are empathetic to this issue. All you need to do is reach out to us and we’ll take care of the rest.

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