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To have an addiction is to have a part of your life taken away from your control. It could be any kind of addiction—and there are many—that consumes you, but if you don’t do what you can to curb it, you could be in serious trouble. The most common addictions are the big ones that we hear all about: drug addiction, alcoholism, nicotine addiction. People are also addicted to activities, too. These are also things that can consume the addict and take control of their lives. Common ones here are sex, pornography, gambling and food. The Portsmouth addiction counselor sees them all, and more.

Warning Signs

Regardless of the actual addiction, be it heroin or chocolate, there are a few signs that can be considered “red flags” when looking for an addict. If you ARE an addict already, you probably know it deep down, but if you still need a sign in order to reach out for help, please see if any of the signs listed below apply to you:

  • You’ve become withdrawn. Your family, friends and colleagues no longer interest or inspire you
  • You think about your substance or activity when you’re not doing it to the point where what you are doing becomes irrelevant
  • You feel guilty about your habit and become defensive over it.

The above symptoms are definitely warning signs that your habit is starting to consume you and take over your life. Please start thinking about seeking help.

The End Game of Addiction

Addiction never ends well without treatment. Please be in no doubt of that. Some of the typical results of untreated addiction are listed below:

  • Death
  • Debilitating disease (often leading to death)
  • Loss of family, loss of relationships
  • Loss of employment/savings.

In short, unchecked addiction is no laughing matter and can destroy the addict’s life as well as the lives of those around him or her.

Seeking Help

The first thing that an addict can do to get cured is to admit and acknowledge that he or she is an addict and that he/she needs assistance. Our Portsmouth addiction counseling services are best placed to provide the addict with what he/she needs to get well again. It’s not easy to beat addiction, and our qualified experts know that. But with their help through therapy and other forms of support, they CAN show you that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Please contact us in your own time if you are struggling with an addiction of any kind. You’re not alone.

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