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Many people sleep through the night and wake refreshed each morning, but many people also struggle to get enough sleep. Insomnia is an unfortunate but common problem. Often, people who suffer from a sleep disturbance are tired. They want to sleep well. They need more sleep. But for many reasons, they cannot rest. Have you experienced disrupted sleep? If you are having trouble getting the sleep you need, you are not alone. But just insomnia has robbed many people of the sleep they need, many people have also found help through cognitive behavior therapy.

Addressing insomnia’s underlying causes and giving pragmatic steps toward healthier sleep, cognitive behavior therapy has helped many people restore the sleep they have lost.

Pomona, CA’s insomnia therapists regularly help their clients overcome the challenges of a sleep disturbance. They care about their clients and offer personalized care.

Sleep That Is Disrupted

If you have insomnia, have you also experienced…

  • Close calls or a crash while driving?
  • Decreased sex drive?
  • Excessive anger, irritability, or impatience?
  • Difficulty focusing at everyday tasks?
  • A loss of memory?

Insomnia often negatively affects people’s everyday life, and understandably so. Sleep’s purpose is to revitalize people’s minds and bodies. Rest optimizes cognitive functioning and increases the body’s immunity. If sleep disruptions steal a night’s sleep, these benefits may also be lost.

People who suffer from insomnia often have an increased risk of health problems because lack of sleep can weaken the immune system. Sleep disturbances may increase the risk of mental and physical health problems, including diabetes, depression, heart disease, and anxiety disorders.

What Is Insomnia?

Sleep disruptions look different in each person who experiences them.

Some people fall asleep quickly and at a reasonable time each night, but they wake after a few short hours of rest. Other people have a hard time falling asleep, and they may be awake most or all of the night before rest finally comes.

Insomnia may also appear as a full night’s sleep. Some people seem to sleep through the night, but they wake up tired. Sleep drains instead of restores.

Insomnia’s causes are as varied as its form.

Other mental and physical health problems can accompany insomnia. Age can cause an increase in sleep disturbances, especially for women going through menopause. Stress may trigger insomnia as can anxiety disorders.

Are you getting the nightly sleep you need? If not, Pomona, CA’s insomnia therapists have experience in effective insomnia treatment.

Pomona, CA’s Insomnia Therapists

If you have experienced a sleep disturbance, maybe you have tried home remedies or solutions you found online. Often, people who want to sleep better do not know which strategies are most effective or where treatment should begin. If you are ready for better sleep, consider contacting an Pomona, CA therapist for help.

Our therapists have guided many of their clients toward habits that promote sleep.

Why insomnia therapy?

Our professionals offer holistic therapy. They equip their clients with everyday sleep solutions that can promote sleep, but they also explore anything that may be causing the insomnia.

Insomnia’s Causes

To maintain a healthy sleep pattern, the cause of the insomnia needs to be identified and treated. While insomnia has many different causes, our therapists find that the most common causes fall into three categories:

  • Negative Thought Patterns—While battle insomnia, some people begin to think that they will never sleep again. They then experience more sleep disturbances, because this negative thought generated stress that makes sleep more difficult. Many negative thought patterns can bombard anyone who struggles to sleep. These negative beliefs need to be replaced with rational, positive thoughts.
  • Life Transitions—Moving, job changes, or divorce are a few examples of life transitions that can trigger insomnia. Our therapists know that clients who face major life transitions need healthy coping strategies to manage the stress that often comes during these times.
  • Anxiety Disorders—Insomnia and anxiety often accompany each other, making it difficult to know if the anxiety caused the insomnia or if the insomnia caused the anxiety. Regardless of which comes first, any anxiety disorder, such as PTSD, that occurs with insomnia must be treated.

Everyday Sleep Solutions

Overcoming insomnia and restoring healthy sleep patterns also requires practical, everyday solutions that may increase the likelihood for a good night’s sleep. Our counselors work closely with their clients to find solutions for their specific sleep challenges.

Everyday sleep solutions may involve…

  1. Adapting a sleep environment for optimal sleeping conditions
  2. Increase exercise and moving exercise times to earlier in the day
  3. Going to bed and waking up at the same time
  4. Limited alcohol and caffeine consumption
  5. Practicing relaxation techniques before bedtime

Insomnia therapy does not offer quick fixes or magic formulas, but with our professional help, many of our clients are now equipped to make positive changes for a better night’s sleep. Do you want help as you battle sleep disruptions? If you are ready for help, our therapists are willing.

Available Appointments

Everyday life is harder when insomnia robs you of sleep at night, so we work to make seeing a therapist as easy as possible. Our office works with most insurance companies. We also have night and weekend appointments available. We don’t keep a waitlist and are often able to schedule your appointments within 24-hours when necessary.

Appointments for insomnia therapy are available.

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