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You can feel it. Your relationship has changed. What once was an easy conversation with your partner now feels heavier and requires more effort. Instead of a restful peace when you’re together, shared time now feels more like a gloomy silence. You might be able to identify what caused the shift or not, but the larger question is what to do next. How can you restore the vibrancy you once shared with your partner?

Common Relationship Problems

Maintaining a healthy relationship isn’t easy. No relationship is static, going through a natural ebb and flow. Even though it’s normal for a relationship to have its ups and downs, it doesn’t make those times any easier. Some of the common relationship issues you might encounter include:

Communication Problems – Being able to share and be understood is vital to a good relationship. When communication breaks down, it affects everything you and your partner try to do.

Issues with Trust – Being open and honest with your partner is very important, and requires you both to share. Anything that damages that trust needs to be addressed quickly.

Disagreements about Family – Raising children requires both parents to be on the same page. When you and your partner are at odds on how to create family rules, everyone in the household suffers.

Problems with Intimacy – There can be a number of reasons for changes in intimacy in your relationship. You need to be able to talk with your partner candidly to discover the root cause and determine your next steps.

Having different Goals – A healthy couple should have similar values and life goals. When you and your partner aren’t focused on the same things, it can create stress in the relationship.

Thriveworks marriage therapists and couples counselors in North Tonawanda NY know that when you feel your relationship isn’t working, it can be very stressful, no matter the cause.

Facing Problems Doesn’t Mean It’s Over

You may have worked to overcome some of these common problems before in your relationship, with mixed success. You might have felt you overcame an issue, only to have it resurface again and again during your time with your partner. You should know you don’t have to handle things on your own. If you live in the North Tonawanda, NY area Thriveworks therapists and counselors are available to help you improve your relationship.

Our couples counselors and therapists have the education, training and experience to help you tackle these obstacles. We can provide proven strategies that have worked with other couples, couples who have gone on to build healthy, satisfying relationships. With our help, you can begin to create a healthier, happier partnership.

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