IQ Testing in Newport News, VA—What Is IQ Testing? How Can It Help?

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IQ Testing in Newport News, VA—What Is IQ Testing? How Can It Help?

IQ testing, formally called intellectual quotient testing, serves to measure one’s intellectual potential and can also diagnose intellectual disabilities. Sean Hayes PsyD of Thriveworks Counseling in Sterling, VA explains how this works: “Intelligence testing generally works by having a client answer questions and solve puzzles of several different types. These different types of tasks look at different kinds of intelligence like memory, processing speed, or ability to understand abstract ideas. We compare the results to many other people who have done the same tasks before and find out how far above or below those clients are from the averages of the people we already tested. From there we can find out how high or low they are on different types of intelligences. What we call an ‘IQ score’ is generally a combination of those different types of intelligence.”

IQ testing is important, especially if it seems that your child is struggling or falling behind. As you can see, an IQ test can help you measure their intellectual quotient and diagnose a potential intellectual disability. If you think that you might need to schedule IQ testing for your child, look no further. Thriveworks Newport News, VA Counseling has IQ testing available (as well as other forms of psychological testing) and we can get you or your child scheduled ASAP. To schedule an appointment, just contact our office at (757) 657-8088.

Understanding High and Low IQ Scores

As we just mentioned, if you decide to pursue IQ testing for your child, they might receive a low score. Here’s a little bit more about high and low IQ scores:

What Is a Low IQ Score?

An individual who scores lower than 100 is considered below average. Now, there are also extremely low scores, which are lower than 70. These scores typically serve as red flags and may indicate the individual has an intellectual disability. Fortunately, you’re already taking the first step in addressing this potential disability. Now, if your child receives a really low score, next steps might involve adaptive skills screening, a brain ultrasound, and/or an extensive mental health screening.

What Is a High IQ Score?

Maybe your child is on the opposite end of the spectrum with a high IQ. An individual who scores over 100 is typically considered to have a high level of intelligence. And an individual who scores 130 or over is considered to be extremely intelligent. Now, it’s important to remember that an IQ test is designed to measure one’s intellectual potential. So a high IQ means they have great potential.

Intellectual Disability: What Is It? How Can Treatment Help?

Intellectual disability is characterized by below average intelligence as well as below average life skills. As you can see from the above, intellectual functioning can be measured through simple testing, however, you might first notice symptoms like difficulty thinking or understanding certain things. The following life skills could suffer:

  • Conceptual skills
  • Social skills
  • Practical skills

If your child does receive a low IQ test score and is diagnosed with an intellectual disability, don’t worry. Behavioral therapy as well as special education can help those with intellectual disabilities live happy, successful, and full lives.

Schedule IQ Testing at Thriveworks Newport News, VA

If you need IQ testing, another form of psychological testing, or you’re wondering if your child needs IQ testing, don’t hesitate to reach out to Thriveworks Newport News, VA. We can offer IQ testing, which will help you and your child understand their intellectual potential as well as any potential underlying intellectual disability.

We know that this might feel scary or nerve-racking, but don’t worry: As we said before, behavioral therapy can help those with an intellectual disability live completely happy and full lives! Not to mention that we can offer therapy and other forms of treatment right here at Thriveworks Newport News, VA.

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