Addiction Counseling in Newark, DE—Addiction Counselors and Therapists

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Addiction Counseling in Newark, DE—Addiction Counselors and Therapists

Addiction is one of those diseases that afflicts an entire family. In other words, when an individual develops an addiction—to drinking, to smoking, to gambling, to shopping—they are affected greatly, but they aren’t the only one affected. Their loved ones are affected too, and in more ways than one. Life changes as they know it.

“One of the hardest things was learning that I was worth recovery.”–Demi Lovato

This disease is characterized by an inability to stop a behavior, whether it’s doing drugs, drinking alcohol, betting money, spending money. The addicted individual’s entire life is driven by their desire to engage in the behavior. They spend each day searching for the fulfillment, the satisfaction they receive from it. And rarely do they realize or acknowledge they have a problem.

Fortunately, there are professionals dedicated to helping these individuals understand, manage, and recover from addiction. If you have a problem with addiction, consider working with an addiction counselor at Thriveworks Newark. You can trust that you’ll be working with a skilled, experienced provider, as we only partner with leading professionals in the mental health field. To schedule an appointment, call Thriveworks Newark today at (302) 724-6662.

Physical, Emotional, and Behavioral Effects of Addiction

As we touched on above, addiction can have harrowing effects on the affected individual (as well as their loved ones). There are physical, emotional, and behavioral effects, which can also serve as red flags. They include:

  • Weight loss
  • Irritability
  • Hyperactivity
  • Blame or denial
  • Loss of interest
  • Pale skin
  • Isolation
  • Lying to loved ones
  • Bad body odor
  • Overspending
  • Neglecting responsibilities

Do you observe any of these red flags in your life or in a loved one’s life? If so, it’s important you get the help you need now to recover. An addiction counselor at Thriveworks Newark can provide you with that help and support necessary to manage and recover from your addiction.

How Does Counseling Help People with Addiction?

Addiction counselors help their clients to identify signs of addiction as well as the symptoms they are experiencing. They can then help their clients to manage these symptoms and understand a potential cause of their addiction. Often, addiction stems from an underlying issue like another current challenge in one’s life or a past trauma. The very first step, though, is acknowledging there might be a problem. In addition to the effects listed above, an individual with an addiction often…

  • Plans to make a meaningful change, but fails to shake the problematic behavior
  • Struggles to give their relationships the time, love, and attention they deserve
  • Isn’t able to uphold responsibilities at work, at school, or in other important areas of life.

Remember: you must first acknowledge that there is (or might be) a problem so that you can get the help you need. Reach out to an addiction counselor at Thriveworks Newark to schedule an appointment as soon as today! We want to help you recover, heal, and live a better life.

Schedule Addiction Counseling at Thriveworks Newark

We know that reaching out is a difficult feat, but we believe you can do it—and doing so will be well worth it. The experts at Thriveworks Newark are ready to dive in and help you recover from your addiction. They’ll utilize their skill set, their experience, and their extensive training to help you find success in addiction counseling.

Scheduling an appointment is simple: all you have to do is call (302) 724-6662. A scheduling specialist will answer the phone and help get you all set up with a provider as soon as possible, at your earliest convenience. Call today to get started.

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