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Depression and Anxiety Treatment in Myrtle Beach, SC

Everyone gets anxious at times, usually when in a strange environment, such as starting a new job. Or you may be nervous because of a stressful situation, like speaking to a group. And most people have times in their lives where they feel unhappy and listless, such as after breaking up with a partner. Though these are similar, they are not the same things as depression or anxiety. Anxiety and depression are intensified versions of these feelings. They are mental conditions that intrude and keep you from living a normal life.

Depression and Anxiety are Treatable

Anxiety and depression are some of the most common mental health conditions in the United States, with approximately 40% of adults facing anxiety or depression at some time in their lives. Though depression and anxiety can cause issues in your day-to-day life, they are very treatable. Sadly, almost 2/3 of adults never seek out treatment, choosing instead to live with the symptoms.

Studies show that both depression and anxiety respond very well to therapy, with some individuals reporting improvement in a few short weeks. Of course, every case is unique and may require more time, depending on the severity of your symptoms and the challenges you’re facing.

When you work with professional counselors like those at Thriveworks Myrtle Beach, they will develop an individualized treatment plan for you to address your needs. The plan will help you manage symptoms you may have and reduce the impact anxiety and depression have in your life. As you implement the plan with your therapist, you’ll work on changing negative and intrusive thoughts, redirecting your thinking into more realistic and positive patterns.

Thriveworks Myrtle Beach SC Counselors Want to Help

At Thriveworks we have compassionate counselors who understand the challenges you’re facing. Our therapists in Myrtle Beach SC are familiar with helping individuals like you address your depression and anxiety. This compassion is one reason why our therapists want to work with people who are struggling to have a happier life. Thriveworks counselors truly care and you can see it in the treatment you receive.

Our counselors have completed a Masters level education in subjects that help them understand how the human mind works. This education also allows them to identify why certain issues arise. This education is coupled with experience working with experienced coaches, professional counselors who have worked with others struggling with anxiety and depression. These mentors provided valuable insights that help our counselors be prepared to offer the best care for you.

Take That First Step

Our counselors want you to feel comfortable discussing your issues with us. We work to provide a warm, safe environment where trust can grow and you can share. As you do, we can provide more specific direction and help that will make your visits more productive. By working together with our counselors in Myrtle Beach, you can start making things better.

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