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Take a moment to read and consider the following narratives:

  1. Michael and Bailey have been arguing for months about who is going to pick up and move to the other person’s state. They’ve been together for 5 years, whereas the last year has been long-distance. But this year they’re finally moving in together—if they can ever agree on who is moving.
  2. Annie hasn’t been her lighthearted, go-with-the-flow self in a while. These days, she’s anxious and unsettled. Her mind is always racing, which distracts her at work and makes socializing exhausting. She’d rather just stay home by herself, where her mind is a little calmer.
  3. Matthew is known for his temper tantrums. He’s always had a short temper and is quick to react when he finds himself in a stressful situation. He never learned proper anger management techniques and doesn’t know how to respond well to frustrating circumstances.

These characters might be fictitious, but the challenges they face are very real. Relationship problems, anxiety and other mental illnesses, anger management issues—we’ve barely scraped the surface of the many challenges that exist in our world today. The one thing that the many and varied challenges have in common, though, is that they can be better dealt with in mental health counseling.

Self-compassion is simply giving the same kindness

to ourselves that we would give to others.”

–Christopher Germer

Mental health counselors help people achieve optimal health, happiness, and success. And online counselors help people achieve optimal health, happiness, and success, right from home! If you’re struggling or suffering and could use a little help, consider working with an online counselor at Thriveworks Missouri Counseling. Our counselors have a valuable set of skills and years of experience under their belt, not to mention a caring nature, all of which will help you find success in counseling. Call our office to schedule your online counseling session today.

Can Online Counseling Help Me? How?

Online counseling helps people in a variety of ways. One person might find help in working through stress and conflict with family members; another person might find help with managing symptoms of anxiety, depression, or a different mental health condition. Let’s look again at the narratives that we delved into above, to get a better grasp on how online therapy can benefit different individuals:

  1. Online counseling can help Michael and Bailey develop better conflict resolution skills. Their couples therapist or marriage counselor can serve as that third party mediator, helping them to hear one another out, communicate more effectively, make decisions, and resolve their differences.
  2. Online therapy can help Annie get back to that light-hearted, go-with-the-flow girl that she loves and misses. How? Her anxiety therapist will help her explore causes of her anxiety and manage the harmful symptoms that she’s dealing with.
  3. Online counseling can also help Matthew. His anger management counselor will help him identify his triggers, or the things that get him heated; then, they’ll help him better deal with these triggers as well as better communicate and respond to his angry feelings.

As you might have noticed, online counseling can help people in many different ways. The exact benefits, though, do vary on an individual basis, depending on what one has going on. How might you benefit from counseling? What mental health challenges or life struggles are you dealing with? Start online therapy and experience the many online counseling benefits for yourself.

Start a Relationship with an Online Counselor at Thriveworks Missouri Counseling

Thriveworks Missouri Counseling has online counseling sessions available. You can begin working with an online counselor over the phone or video, as soon as today. Online counseling proves to be a convenient alternative to in-person counseling and enables individuals to obtain mental health services who weren’t able to make it work with their schedules before. Also, many people see that online counseling is mentally and emotionally more comfortable, meaning that they are able to open up more easily to their counselor.

Finally, online counseling is a more reliable counseling option. You don’t have to worry whether you’ll still have your session or make it to your session, due to unforeseen traffic, weather conditions, or even a pandemic. In each case, you’re still able to attend your online counseling session. If you’d like to give this convenient, comfortable, and reliable approach to counseling a shot, reach out to Thriveworks Missouri Counseling now. We’re here and we’re ready to meet with you!

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