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Janice and her husband have been struggling with sexual issues since he had his prostate removed several years ago. They have trouble talking about the problem with each other, and in fact neither of them are exactly sure how to handle it. Because their intimacy has been strained, the rest of their relationship has become somewhat distant. They have had an otherwise happy twenty-five years of marriage with the normal ups and downs. Janice never thought she would feel the way she currently feels. She occasionally even wonders if her husband is still in love with her.

Janice and her husband are not alone. Many couples face problems in their relationships every day, and sexual dysfunction is a cause of a great many of them. With help from a couples therapist, this issue and many others can be successfully overcome. In fact, Janice and her husband have every reason to be hopeful—they still love each other and have been through many years of a successful relationship. Thriveworks Medfield MA couples counseling can help them reopen the lines of successful communication and teach them techniques for reestablishing comfortable intimacy after his surgery.

About Couples Therapy

Couples therapy is another form of psychotherapy that helps couples make good decisions about rebuilding their relationship. Couples therapy is often fairly short term—perhaps a few months—though some situations may call for ongoing sessions with a therapist (For further information, see “Further Reading” below).

What many couples lack are the tools for successful, kind communication. This is in part because different people communicate in different ways. When we only speak our own “language” we hear what other people say to us through that filter, when in fact they may mean something totally different than our interpretation. Couples counseling can help couples learn to communicate in a way their spouse will understand. While some couples may need other skills, including conflict management, teaching communication is almost always a part of at least a few sessions.

The goals for each couple will be as different as each couple is. Couples who have been avoiding confrontation for a period of time will need help in different areas than couples who frequently have shouting matches. Similarly, couples who have intimacy struggles need different help than couples dealing with arguments over finances.

Regardless of what your plan of treatment looks like, one thing will remain the same: your therapist is a neutral third party whose only loyalty is to the relationship as a whole. They are not present to make judgments about what works in your relationship, and they will not take sides. Thriveworks Medfield MA counselors have worked with many couples, including quite a number who began therapy discussing divorce. The majority of those couples were able to salvage their relationship, and many have even commented about how much closer they feel than they felt at the beginning of their relationship. That’s the goal of long-term relationships, of course: to grow closer and closer with each passing year.

While the majority of our couples counseling clients come to us in crisis, we do occasionally see couples for maintenance. If you’ve ever considered a few sessions with a therapist for “maintenance,” do contact us. Maintenance is one of the best ways to keep the engine of your marriage running smoothly and leak free. By checking in once or twice a year to ensure you’re handling new or stressful situations in a healthy way, you increase the chances of long-term success. This can be incredibly useful for those who come from homes without a successful relationship to model.

Whatever your reason for considering couples counseling, you’ll be glad you did. All you have to gain is a closer, deeper, more supportive relationship.

Thriveworks Medfield MA Counseling for Couples

Thriveworks Medfield MA counselors have helped many couples regain the closeness that brought them together, and, often, those couples become even closer than before. If your relationship is suffering, don’t wait any longer to get help. Thriveworks Medfield MA does not keep a waiting list, and we can usually see you within 24 hours of your call. You can thrive. We can help.

Further Reading
“Marriage Counseling: Why It’s Done.”

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