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Thriveworks Mechanicsville Counseling for Anxiety and Depression

Living life with anxiety and depression is challenging. It’s been said that having anxiety and depression together is like being terrified and tired at the same time. Imagine living a life where you’re hypersensitive to everything happening around you, worried at every sound or touch, while also being too numb to participate or do anything. Because anxiety and depression are often seen together, they are sometimes referred to as the “twins of mood disorders.” In fact, if you’re dealing with either depression or anxiety alone, there is approximately a 50% chance you’ll develop the other condition.

Anxiety causes you to feel fearful or panicked in normal, everyday situations, such as being called on in a meeting to speak. Depression leads you to feel hopeless, unable to overcome even the smallest obstacle, leading you to give up and go back to bed when you can’t find your phone in the mornings. The symptoms associated with either condition alone are hard enough. Having both depression and anxiety at the same time is an incredibly tough trial. When you have both conditions, research shows the symptoms are magnified and treatment may take longer to work.

Anxiety and Depression Counseling Works

It’s important to remember that anxiety and depression are treatable. The majority of people who seek help from therapists do see improvements. Their symptoms decrease and their lives begin to improve. There are several methods and approaches available to help treat anxiety and depression. Trained counselors, like those available at Thriveworks Mechanicsville, VA understand that it may take a combination of treatment types to see the best results, especially in a situation where you’re facing both conditions at the same time.

Thriveworks Professionals Offer Help

Thriveworks Mechanicsville counselors are driven by their desire to help others. They understand the challenges of living with depression and anxiety. Our therapists work hard to provide a caring, compassionate environment that will allow you to freely share, to open up about your personal ordeal. As you provide more facts and details, our counselors will have a greater insight into exactly what you’re facing, and how they can best help.

Thriveworks counselors in Mechanicsville have the training and experience to use the details you provide to create an individualized treatment plan. This plan will be based on the latest research into the most effective methods to address the specific anxiety and depression symptoms you’re experiencing. By using proven methods, our therapists can assist you in redirecting your thoughts. In addition, we will be able to help you develop the skills to continue to build the life you want.

Our Counselors Are Available Now

We want to help you create a better life, one not overshadowed by the fear of anxiety or the weight of depression. All you need to do is take that first step. Contact a Thriveworks counselor and allow us to assist you in becoming the happy, healthy person you want to be.

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