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Many myths about addiction exist. One of the biggest is the assumption that it is a problem of willpower and abstinence. Addiction is a complex disease that takes more than strong will to stop. People seek addiction counseling and therapy because of the physical dependence and underlying issues. Thriveworks in Mechanicsville, VA addiction counseling and therapy can help with substance addictions, such as alcohol, prescription, cocaine and marijuana or process addictions that include sex, the internet and gambling.

When the physical dependence on substances and process addictions has been overcome, there is risk of a relapse. Relapses are caused by many factors, including reminders of addictive behavior in the familiar places people visit, the friends they used to associate with, and times of stress. Thriveworks in Mechanicsville, VA offers addiction counseling for individuals struggling with dependencies, and they can help map out a plan to avoid relapses and move toward a truly fulfilling life with healthy relationships and activities that replace substances or other addictions.

Addiction counseling and therapy at Thriveworks in Mechanicsville, VA has taught clients new ways of thinking and alternative, healthy habits that supplant the addiction. Thriveworks’ therapists are experts on how drugs and other addictions affect the brain and the treatments that lead individuals to recover from them, and it starts here.

Individuals will find that working with a professional therapist to explore the addiction will help them through their struggles and the overwhelming effects of the addiction. Some of the most recognized reasons for addictions are:

Going Against the Grain

Some teenagers and young adults begin to abuse drugs because they are not really sure where they fit in. They may feel different from others and think people do not really “get them,” let alone accept them for who they are. Individuals may feel they are too quiet or too talkative, their face or body is not attractive, or they are too serious. It is tough to deal with feelings of not fitting in and caring so much about what others think. Learning to care more about what they think about themselves—or self-appraisal—is important. But, many times teens and young adults will turn to addictions to help them ease the self-doubts and worries about fitting in.

Feelings of Emptiness

Addiction may start when a person feels lonely. Some people turn to drugs, alcohol or process addictions, believing these will fill a void they have been living with. Isolation and loneliness have an overwhelming effect on addiction. From the outside, alcoholics and substance users seem to be just the opposite of lonely. They always seem to be the “life of the party” and appear to have a bunch of good-time buddies always wanting to hang around. Many people leave the role of being the “life of the party” to return home to drink alone—not because they want to, but because they have to. Those individuals with a growing chemical dependency can’t “not drink” or use drugs no matter how badly they may feel afterward. As the dependence develops, there is a disconnection from friends, family members and even one’s self.

Peer Pressure

A common motive for first-time substance use is peer pressure. Research shows that most adolescent substance abusers are introduced to the behavior by friends. While the influence of peer pressure lessens as people get older, it can still have a great impact at any age. When an individual belongs to a group that condones substance use, the pressure of being around the group can cause people to follow suit and do things they never thought they would.

These examples are only a few of the many reasons people turn to addictions. Whether the addiction is drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, the internet, food or shopping, there is help. Call Thriveworks in Mechanicsville, VA at (804) 980-7242 to schedule a session or to find out more about how addiction counseling and therapy can help you get on the road to a healthier, stronger you. Thriveworks is located at 7459 Old Hickory Drive, Ste 105 Mechanicsville, Virginia 23111.

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