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Loneliness and Social Isolation Counseling – Therapists in Marblehead

Feeling lonely once in a while is normal. Most people have periods of their lives where they feel less connected to the people in their lives. However, when a person starts to experience loneliness on a regular basis, it can be a serious issue. The good news is this: there is help for you. Here you’ll find a few tips to try – plus counseling resources that can be extremely useful.

Try mediation

Too often people dismiss meditation as something only hippies do. The truth is that it can actually be extremely helpful to many people. Think of this way: when you’re lonely, you get stuck in a cycle of thinking only of yourself. This isn’t because you’re a bad person, it’s simply because there aren’t other people in your radar. Meditating can help you clear your mind and help you focus more on external things that can bring you back into sync with the world and with your life.

Talk to someone important in your life

There are many people dealing with total social isolation and they don’t have anyone to talk to. This tip isn’t for you. For those who do have relationships, but who seem to have trouble getting close to people in your life, consider choosing one person and opening up to them. The idea of creating a dozen relationships can be overwhelming but when you start by focusing on a single person and that relationship, it can be much less intimidating.

Take advantage of the healing powers of animals

There are oodles of studies showing that working with animals can help prevent and treat loneliness and depression. Don’t worry – you don’t have to run out and get an animal yourself. Perhaps you have a neighbor who needs a dog walked, or maybe there’s a local dog shelter you can volunteer at.

Work with a counselor to get to the bottom of your loneliness

Your loneliness didn’t come from nowhere. There is a cause. Your counselor can help you dig deep to figure out what it is and what you can do about it. Thriveworks Marblehead Counseling & Coaching is here to help.

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