Marblehead Anxiety Counseling

Anxiety Doesn’t Have to Last Forever: Marblehead Anxiety Counseling Can Help

It’s common for people with anxiety disorders to avoid triggering situations. In fact, why wouldn’t they? That’s what their brains are telling them to do. The reality though is much different: exploring these triggers and the feelings they bring up can be the only way to get rid of anxiety for good – assuming it’s done in a safe space.

You may know where your anxiety comes from

In some cases, it may be clear to the client when and why their anxiety started. Perhaps they lived without anxiety their entire lives until the death of a loved one, they were sexual assaulted, or another traumatic event happened. If you’re in the position of knowing exactly where your anxiety stems from, then you can work with your counselor to work through the trauma and eventually say goodbye to your anxiety.

Note that the way to do this isn’t always to talk through the details of your trauma. Marblehead anxiety therapy will find the right method forward.

You may not know where your anxiety comes from

While some clients know the cause of their anxiety, plenty of clients don’t. That’s why your counselor is here. They can walk you through your past to help you find where your traumas come from. They can help you find solutions even if the cause isn’t found. No matter where you are today with your anxiety, your counselor can meet you there and help you move forward.

Are you scared about getting started? You’re in good company

One of the hardest parts of the process is reaching out to a counselor in the first place. You’re not sure who to call, you don’t know what you should expect, and you’re afraid of taking that first step. Thriveworks Marblehead Counseling & Coaching has worked with clients from virtually all backgrounds and in every situation you can imagine. Our only goal is to help you. We can work together to find the right treatment plan that will help you finally move forward.

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