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Marriage and Couples Counseling – Manhattan NY

The Challenge of Creating a Healthy Relationship

Creating a lasting relationship isn’t easy. Building real intimacy with a person requires time and energy from both you and your partner. At the beginning, your discussions together seem to flow easily, and you both appear to have much in common. Creating that connection seems to develop effortlessly. You seem to grow closer and more attached the longer you’re together.

However, relationships can be transformed as circumstances change. A new job may limit the time you have for your partner, creating tensions. Evolving communication patterns may redirect old conversations. You might talk with your partner, but the conversation is going in circles. There’s no progress, no growth. You try addressing things with your partner, but feel it isn’t working. Sometimes you may feel your efforts to maintain a lasting bond with your partner are wasted. The issues you’re currently facing seem insurmountable.

Couples Counseling Provides Support

Instead of giving up hope, you can look for help. Thriveworks therapists and counselors offer guidance for couples in Manhattan just like yours. Our relationship professionals can help you:

Identify Trouble Spots in the Relationship – The first step we provide is helping you and your
partner open up and share about some of the conflicts you find in the relationship. As you work with our therapists, we help you deeply investigate your relationship to determine what may be causing stress for you or your partner. This step is vital so everyone involved can understand how to proceed.

Develop Tools to Help – Each challenge in a relationship may require a different approach. As you visit with us, our counselors can work with you to create a plan of action you can apply each time a problem arises. These tools can help you and your partner deepen your respect, understanding and empathy for each other.

Practice Using the Tools – Once we help you create strategies for your relationship, your visits can focus on practicing with your partner. These sessions are meant to provide a safe environment where you can take what you’ve learned and apply it. As you implement the plans we developed, you should find communication between you and your partner comes more easily and your relationship begins to improve.

Thriveworks Relationship Professionals Want to Help

Thriveworks counselors and therapists in Manhattan NY are experienced, educated professionals. Their work focuses on mental health and wellness strategies that can assist you in building a healthy relationship. Our professional staff truly cares about you, the struggles you’re facing and the health of your relationship. As you visit with us, we want you and your partner to feel comfortable sharing, so that we can provide you the best support. We sincerely want to see you succeed.

You Don’t Have to Wait

You don’t have to wait until there is a major crisis in your relationship to contact us. Thriveworks counselors in Manhattan NY can offer you ways to improve communication and draw closer to your partner, even if you’re only dealing with minor friction. You can start now to build a better relationship, and Thriveworks Manhattan counselors can help.

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