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Your friends invited you out tomorrow, but you really don’t feel like going. Whenever you go out, you feel anxious, like everyone is watching and judging you. Your heart races just thinking about being in a restaurant, surrounded by so many people. You’re so discouraged. All you really feel like doing anymore is going home and sleeping, though that doesn’t seem to remedy the fatigue you feel.

If the paragraph above sounds like you, you might be dealing with anxiety, depression or both. Anxiety and depression are mental health conditions that throw obstacles in the way of your every-day life. They are more than simply ‘feeling sad’ or ‘being worried.’ Anxiety and depression are persistent conditions that intrude in your thoughts, making it hard to have a normal day.

The challenges related to these mood disorders aren’t limited to emotional symptoms. Physical symptoms associated with anxiety and depression include shortness of breath, fatigue, digestive problems, and changes in appetite. In fact, more than $22 billion in healthcare costs has been attributed to repeated visits to physicians for treatment of these physical symptoms. This is due to the fact that people suffering from anxiety and depression are three to five times more likely to visit their primary care physician than others.

A Common Health Problem

Anxiety and depression are common mental health problems in the United States, with approximately a quarter of the adult population suffering from these disorders some time in their lives. Half of the people diagnosed with depression are also diagnosed with anxiety as well. This one-two punch makes living your normal life challenging. However, research shows that these conditions are highly treatable. Counseling, like that offered by Thriveworks Manhattan, has been shown to be very effective in helping people improve and return to a happier, more peaceful life.

Anxiety and Depression Counseling for Manhattan NY

Thriveworks Manhattan NY counselors want to help you learn how to regain control of your life. We know that past obstacles may create questions in your mind, doubts about whether you can succeed in rebuilding the life you had in the past. Rest assured that as you work with us, you will gain skills to help you cope. Partnered with our staff, you’ll see new avenues forward, ways to regroup and rebuild.

Thriveworks therapists have the training and experience to help you, and all of that expertise will be available for you. We’ll consult with you about your symptoms, when they started and how severe they are. Once we’ve identified the challenges you face, we can craft a unique treatment plan just for you, one that you can use even when you’re not in our offices. Your efforts can help you achieve a healthier life today and provide more hope for the future.

We Are Here to Help You

The first step in managing your anxiety and depression is to contact Thriveworks Manhattan NY. We have counselors available to help you identify and manage your emotional issues. We understand you want to feel better as quickly as possible, so we are available to meet with you based on your schedule.

You can schedule an appointment with a Thriveworks Manhattan NY counselor by calling (724) 419-9110.

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