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What might today hold for you? If you are like most people, you probably have work, errands, chores, bills—a long list of things that must get done. If there is time, you might squeeze in something you want to do—catching a movie, coffee with a friend, volunteering in the community. But what if the opposite were true of your calendar? What if you dedicated most of your time to what you valued and wanted to do instead of what had to be done. Many people are doing just that and learning how little adjustments in their life today can lead to big shifts down the road. These people are setting goals and taking control of their calendar.

“The thing about goals is that living without them is a lot more fun,
in the short run. It seems to me, though, that
the people who get things done, who lead,
who grow and who make an impact… those people have goals.”
—Seth Godin

Researchers have discovered the secret to many people’s high achievement: goals. The connection between success and goal setting is clear, but just because a process works does not make it easy. As Seth Godin explains, setting goals can be difficult work, but it is almost always worth the effort. While no one can by-pass the short-term sacrifice that a worthy goal requires, people can reach out for help. More and more people are working with a counselor or a life coach to set and achieve their personal and professional goals.

Thriveworks Manassas has led many people through a process of self-discovery, goal setting, and high achievement. These clients have reframed their calendars to reflect what they want out of life, and a Thriveworks Manassas coach or counselor walked with them every step of the way.

Framing a Goal for Achievement

In many ways, the best goals are intensely personal. These goals often build upon people’s values and priorities. They utilize an individual’s skills talents, and resources, but then these goals push people beyond their comfort zone and into growth. This process often infuses the everyday and the mundane with excitement and inspiration. Personalized goals can help people focus on what they care about most in life.

In other ways, goals should be generic and following a fairly standard format. There are certain ways that goals can be framed that help people achieve them. For example, achievable goals are often,

  • Time-bound: Each and every goal must have a time frame. Never-ending goals can discourage people, but deadlines allow people to know that there is a limit to the sacrifice they are making. Establishing a finish line also allows people to feel a sense of accomplishment when they achieve the goal. Deadlines should challenge people but also be realistic.
  • Specific: Goals should be measurable—this means avoiding vagueness and adding specifics. Details such as “write my grandfather three times this month” make the goal more specific than “be a better grandchild.” Often, the most details, the better.
  • Written: Document goals. People can review written goals, reminding themselves of their commitments and focusing their attention upon what matters. The goals can be hand-written, on a note in a phone, in a Word doc. The important part is that the particular words of the goal are recorded.
  • Shared: Important accomplishments are always achieved with the help of others. When people have family and friends who will support their goals, they should share and ask for support when necessary.

A Variety of Goals

The type of goals that people set can be as varied as they are. In fact, setting goals in various facets of life can make the process more enjoyable. People can make a goal for their work production, but they can also make a goal about the vacation they take. A goal simply orients people’s lives toward what they value. Thus, they can make a goal about anything. For example, people have made goals about their…

  • Attitude: Who do you want to be? Do you want to be more patient? Self-confident? Kind? Empathetic?
  • Finances: How do you want to use money? Do you want to give to a cause? Maximize earnings? Live free from debt?
  • Artistic Endeavors: What ways are creativity meaningful to you and how can it be more a part of your life?
  • Education: How can you grow in knowledge and understanding? Are there books to read? Experiences to have? Mentors to pursue?
  • Fun: What fills your heart with joy?
  • Career: How can your gifts, talents, and energy be translated into a job or career?
  • Physical Strength: Where do you want to grow stronger? What adjustments might improve your quality of life?
  • Family: What type of home life do you want to build? Are there familial relationships that you can improve or that you want to establish?

Thriveworks Manassas: Appointments for Goal Setting Help

Are you ready to set a goal and make changes in your calendar? If you are, you are not alone. Many people are experiencing the power of naming goals. Many people are also working with life coaches and counselors to maximize their potential.

Thriveworks Manassas has appointments available for goal setting help, and our hope is that each client receives the help they need when they need it. When you call our office, you may be meeting with your counselor the following day. We also accept many forms of insurance and offer after-hour appointment times.

Let’s get going. Contact Thriveworks Manassas today.

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