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Jacob and his friend, Trish, have felt inseparable since they met. Even though they both have families and careers at this stage in their lives, they’ve both done their best to keep in touch and visit whenever possible. Despite some rough points in their friendship, for the most part, both of them have been happy to be in each other’s lives, until recently.

After an ugly argument while Trish was visiting, both friends are at odds with each other. Even though they both know that resolving the situation could be beneficial, there are a lot of hard feelings involved, and there seems to be no solid ground for them to stand on. However, Josh’s partner recommended that he and Trish try friendship therapy, in order to hash things out with a counselor. He’s uncertain, but feels like having a professional with an impartial viewpoint could be helpful for both of them. 

If you’re currently debating whether or not mental health services can benefit you, Thriveworks in Madison, WI is here. Anyone, regardless of their age or background, can benefit from talking with one of our counselors or therapists. Our team of mental health professionals will work to provide the relief you’ve been searching for—consider connecting with one today.

What Does a Psychologist Do? 

Psychologists are licensed mental health professionals; their job is to diagnose and treat many different types of mental health conditions and disorders. And because each client has a unique set of needs, the psychologists at Thriveworks in Madison, WI use your feedback and perspective to create a personalized treatment plan. Some of the common issues that our psychologists assist people with include: 

  • Financial or work-related stress 
  • Anxiety
  • Depression 
  • Child or teen behavioral issues 
  • Difficulty processing a divorce or breakup 
  • Self-esteem issues
  • Relationship problems
  • The loss of a friend or family member

These are just a few of the many different situations or conditions that a Thriveworks psychologist can help you with. Don’t be worried if you’re not seeing your specific situation listed. In fact, that’s why it’s so important to talk candidly with a psychologist about your current mental health situation. It might be intimidating to think about, but you can rest easy knowing you won’t be judged by our Madison, WI team. 

Outdated misconceptions and stigmas might tell you that talking with a psychologist is a sign of weakness. It’s not—therapy or counseling is a great way to improve your: 

  • Communication skills 
  • Ability to set and hold healthy boundaries in different scenarios
  • Relationship or marital problems
  • Family relationships
  • Emotional regulation (in anger management or grief counseling) 

With professional insight and guidance, navigating the ups and downs of life can be easier to manage. Teaming up with a psychologist can help you prioritize your mental health and balance your emotions.

Schedule a Counseling or Therapy Session at Thriveworks in Madison, WI

If you’re ready to get in touch with a psychologist at Thriveworks in Madison, WI to get professional encouragement and assistance, you might be interested in our online counseling and therapy options. With the ability to get in touch with your provider virtually, you can save yourself extra time and eliminate some of the hassles of commuting to an appointment. Online counseling or therapy might be an attractive option if you: 

  • Are anxious about speaking with a psychologist in person
  • Would like to avoid commuting to a brick-and-mortar office for their session
  • Take care of elderly family members or watch after kids 
  • Travel or work frequently 
  • Have chronic health concerns that limit your mobility 

Online counseling and therapy offer a convenient way to connect with your psychologist from anywhere that has reliable internet and somewhere private to talk. In addition to our virtual services, we offer scheduling assistance from our scheduling support team. They’re available seven days a week to help you with everything from finding a provider (even if there’s no one available locally) to setting up your insurance. Plus, we offer great benefits for those who become a client with us, including: 

  • Evening and weekend session times: Life can be hectic. Make the time for everyone to connect with our flexible scheduling options. 
  • Email access to your provider: Stay in touch in between appointments. It’s another way we’ll add peace of mind to your therapy experience.  
  • A life coach Q/A chat line: Your questions don’t have to wait until the next appointment. Get the expert advice and insight of a Thriveworks life coach.

Reach out to the Thriveworks team in Madison, WI to partner up with a psychologist. There’s no need to face your mental health challenges by yourself, so let Thriveworks make a difference in your life.

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