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Addiction Counseling in Long Island, NY

Addiction is often a misunderstood illness, and many people believe stopping the addictive behavior is simply a matter of willpower. Scientific studies have proven this is not the case. Many people engage in compulsive behaviors, such as drug or alcohol abuse or a process addiction like food, the internet and gambling even though there are harmful consequences to themselves and others around them.

Addiction is a disease that affects a person’s inhibitory control over their behavior and the parts of the brain that involve motivation, reward, memory and learning. Addiction recovery is a complex process, and a variety of factors can trigger a relapse. Changes in the brain’s chemistry caused by repeated abuse make stopping the addicted behavior a challenge. Many individuals with addictions also suffer from other mental disorders, such as depression, anxiety and trauma that need to be addressed for full recovery.

Thriveworks in Long Island, NY offers addiction counseling that can help individuals who are experiencing dependency, as well as methods to avoid relapses. The counseling and treatment at Thriveworks goes beyond treating the behavior and addresses any co-occurring medical, psychiatric and underlying problems. Addressing the underlying problems is vital for an individual to regain the ability to make sound decisions and take control over the impulse for them to continue addictive behaviors.

Addiction counseling and therapy at Thriveworks in Long Island, NY has helped clients with new ways of thinking and healthy habits to replace the addiction. Thriveworks’ therapists are familiar with the ways drugs and other addictions affect the brain and are there through every step of the struggles, helping individuals break the cycle of addiction, and it starts here.

Some of the most widely recognized reasons for addictions are:

If a Drug is Prescribed by a Doctor, it Must be Ok

Most people take prescription drugs only for the reason the doctor intended. However, an estimated 48 million people, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, have used prescription drugs for non-medical reasons in their lifetime. A dramatic increase of prescription drug misuse or abuse has been reported in recent years. This increase has led to emergency room visits because of accidental overdoses and addiction treatment.

To Cover Painful Memories

Some people go through traumatic events in their lives and turn to drugs, alcohol and process addictions to shield themselves from the horrible memories. Children are especially susceptible to trauma, whether it is physical or emotional, and the feelings can haunt them well into adulthood. When people turn to addictions to help forget the painful memories, the drugs usually only deepen the issue.

When a person is unable to deal with traumatic events and painful memories, they often feel alone and have recurring feelings of worry, fear and worthlessness. They may have difficulties in dealing with emotional challenges and low self-esteem because of the traumatic experience. Many trauma sufferers deal with their feelings alone instead of seeking professional treatment. It is common for these individuals to have issues with addictions as they attempt to cope with the issues by themselves.

Chasing the “High”

Some people who have tried drugs feel the experience brought them the best feelings in their lives. The “highs” from drugs are so much more extreme than regular, daily joys, because most drugs overload the pleasure sensors in the brain. Once a person captures this extreme pleasure, it is common for them to become hooked on a drug to chase the initial high they once felt. The result is a dangerous cycle that is difficult to break, with the highs equally as powerful as the lows felt when “coming off” the drugs.

These examples are only a few of the many reasons people turn to addictions. Whether the addiction is drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, the internet, food or shopping, there is help. Call Thriveworks in Long Island, NY at (631) 318-3212 to schedule a session or to find out more about how addiction counseling and therapy can help you get on the road to a healthier, stronger you. Thriveworks is located at 19 W 34th Street, Penthouse Floor New York, NY 10001.

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