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Feeling lonely is more than an inconvenience. Without proper treatment, it can lead to total social isolation, depression, and other serious issues. Part of the problem for people in this predicament is that they often feel hopeless and helpless to make a change. These ideas can help you get moving forward and leave your loneliness behind.

Work with a person in need

Sometimes the best thing we can do for ourselves when we’re feeling lonely, depressed, and isolated, is to work with someone else. Perhaps you can volunteer at your local food bank. Or find an elder care facility that welcomes visitors. Visiting with someone else in your same situation – or someone who’s even worse off – can give you a few hours a week to get out of your head.

Don’t turn to the internet to get your social interaction

There are a lot of things to love about social media but it can also lead to loneliness. Instead of reaching out to call friends and family, people are more and more likely to instead turn to social media. The next time someone you care about makes a post about something exciting or upsetting in their life, pick up the phone and reach out to them. It’s likely they’ll appreciate the call and it will give you a chance to get out of your head.

Know that you do have the time to nurture relationships

Another obstacle people often feel is that they don’t have time to nurture important relationships in their lives. While it may feel this way, it’s simply not true. The truth is that you haven’t made them a priority. You may be busy, you may have many responsibilities, but consider this: if you went to the doctor and were told that you needed to come into the office once a week for blood work in order to improve your health, would you find the time? Of course you would. Your relationships are important parts of your well-being – treat them that way.

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