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Although addiction has been widely researched for many years, the origins of this condition are not entirely understood to this day. Important risk factors include our genes, family background, as well as the environment which surrounds us. People can develop addictions to numerous things, including substances that can be consumed, as well as behaviors. It is, therefore, not just the commonly associated stimulants like alcohol or heroin that cause addictions – work, shopping, gambling or Internet addictions are another, also serious, form of this condition. Irrespectively of the type of addiction one is suffering from, seeking help from professional addiction counselors is highly recommended.

An addict is an individual who is incapable of controlling his or her usage of a substance or a certain behavior. An addict will keep doing or taking whatever he or she is addicted to until and beyond a point at which it becomes highly damaging. An addict may suffer from a physical or a psychological (in some cases both) addiction. A physical addict will be physiologically dependent on a highly addictive substance (e.g. heroin), which means that the addict’s body cannot function without a regular supply; once the substance is eliminated, acute withdrawal symptoms will often occur. An individual with a psychological addiction will, on the other hand, be mentally compelled to persist in his or her addictive behavior.

Addiction Therapy

Whether one has a physical or psychological addiction determines how the therapy has to be approached. A heroin or an alcohol addict will need to undergo medical detoxification, by means of which the remaining toxins are removed for the body and the physiological dependence is managed. This initial treatment stage will in many cases be followed by a therapy during which an addiction counselor will address and work through the psychological aspects of a patient’s addiction.

Good addiction therapy is meant to equip an addict with tools and mechanisms allowing him or her to manage the recurring cravings. Lasting relapse prevention is therefore the ultimate goal of addiction counseling.

As a team of experienced mental health professionals, here at Thriveworks Latrobe we recognize that there is no ‘one size fits all approach’ to addiction therapy. We recognize the individual needs of our every patient in order to design the most appropriate treatment plan. Curing your addiction is possible – you just have to take the first step. Contact us today to arrange you first session.

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