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No relationship is perfect. Those who stand the test of time are not couples who never fight or go through rough patches but rather are couples who work together to fix what’s wrong. These five tips are a great start to improving your relationship. For individualized treatment contact a Thriveworks Atlantis couples counselor.

1. Check your communication

Have you communicate to your partner that you’re less than fulfilled in your relationship at the moment? Or do you just assume they know it needs work? An honest and open conversation is the first step toward repairing your relationship.

2. Outline actions you can take

Opening up the lines of communication is an essential step in the process but it’s not enough. You must also find ways to take action. After you and your partner have identified some of the issues in your relationship, sit down and discuss actions you could take to reverse the course it’s currently on. And then follow through.

3. Be patient with yourself and with each other

You’re not going to change your entire relationship overnight. Take it one day at a time, remember that you didn’t get where you are today in a single day, and give the process time to work. If there are setbacks be sure to communicate about them. Don’t let them get you down – it’s an inevitable part of the process.

4. Focus on long-term changes

While you may have to do some immediate damage control to get back to a place you’re both comfortable in, it’s equally important that you’re keeping your eye on the long-term prize. Avoid making changes just for today and instead, look for sustainable, long-term changes that can impact your relationship for the rest of your life.

5. Have a balanced approach

You will need to have conversations that likely make both of you uncomfortable. Don’t let that be the only way you communicate. You should also take the time to appreciate each other. Remember what brought you together in the first place and celebrate those things.

These tips are great, general ideas for couples who are serious about improving their relationships. If you’re ready to make a significant change contact Thriveworks Atlantis Counseling and Coaching for your personalized plan.

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