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People with anger problems often lash out in ways they’re not proud of. They may make mistakes that affect not just themselves but their families and the people they love. It can feel like anger is a dark cloud that will always hang over their heads but the truth is that an anger counselor can give them a new path forward.

Letting go of the past by accepting anger issues

Nothing can be done about the past but a person can learn to move forward in a positive way. They can discover the path forward that will let them react to anger differently. Indeed, this is a key part of recovery: understanding that the goal is not to avoid anger but to learn how to handle anger when it comes.

Anger is a feeling that can affect the body physically

It’s true that anger at its core isn’t anything more than a feeling. However, that feeling causes physical changes to the body like increases in both adrenaline and blood pressure. This can cause the brain to believe that it’s appropriate to react in an aggressive way. Clients must learn new techniques to handle their anger in appropriate, non-aggressive ways.

Take a look back can highlight the way forward

While the overall goal may include letting go of the past, it’s also true that the past may need to be analyzed to find the right way forward. Some people feel anger to other people, at themselves, or at the world at large. Some people think they feel angry at a specific thing but the real cause of their anger may lie elsewhere. It’s up to an anger counselor to find the best way to handle the process of discovering triggers and the best way to combat them.

At Thriveworks Latrobe Counseling & Coaching our goal is for every client to find the answers they need. We provide a personalized approach that allows individuals to discover the specific ways they can better handle their anger and the issues that cause it.

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