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Dave was getting ready for bed one evening, when out of the blue he thought he was going crazy. His fingers and arms felt numb; his heart raced. Dave was shaking, but he was also so hot, he thought he might pass out. Dave was sweating profusely, and these feelings escalated for several minutes. Then, out of the blue they stopped. He was exhausted and unsure of what had just happened. Dave just had a panic attack.

Panic attacks surface, often with no warning and for no apparent reason, leaving people exhausted and debilitated. They can disrupt people’s lives, and when they occur repeatedly, they may have grown into a panic disorder. In order to avoid them, many people adjust their everyday routine, but they also miss out on much of life’s fun and joy in the process. Others may use drugs or alcohol to dull the discomfort of panic, but these can increase the severity and frequency of panic attacks.

Psychological treatments have proven effective for panic attacks, however. Cognitive behavior therapy, exposure therapy, and/or medication can be combined to relieve panic disorder. The counselors at Thriveworks Kalamazoo treat panic disorder, and they are dedicated to finding the right treatment plan for each client’s symptoms and needs.

Diagnosing Panic Disorder

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Health, Fifth Edition (DSM-5) gives the following diagnostics for a panic disorder (DSM-5 300.01 [F41.0]):

  • When more than one panic attack strikes and involves acute discomfort, fear, and anxiety that builds and then abates after several minutes. To be considered a panic attack, it must have at least four of the following symptoms:
    • Fear of going crazy or losing control
    • Fear of dying
    • Excessive perspiration
    • Palpitations or escalated heart beat
    • Feelings of choking
    • Shaking or trembling
    • Feeling detached or depersonalized from oneself
    • Numbness or tingling sensations
    • Shortness of breath or feeling smothered
    • Chest pain or tightness
    • Abdominal pain or nausea
    • Dizziness or faintness
    • Chills or hot flashes
  • Experiencing either or both of the following for a minimum of one month following a panic attack(s):
    • Persistent worry that one will have more panic attacks and/or experiencing similar, negative health consequences (e.g., a stroke).
    • Altering one’s daily behavior, trying to avoid or mitigate the panic.

Before diagnosing panic disorder, know that if the attacks are the result of a medical condition, different mental health disorder, or physiological effects of a drug/medication, the condition is not panic disorder.

Panic Disorder Therapies

Missing out on family, friends and work because of a panic disorder adds difficulty to difficulty. Several therapies have proven effective at controlling or wiping out panic attacks, and lots of people live their normal life, panic attack free. Possible therapies for panic disorders include:

  • Exposure therapy: This therapy seeks to build coping skills for handling the feelings and sensations of a panic attack in a healthy way. Under a trained therapist’s supervision and within a safe environment, people may voluntarily subject themselves to the experiences of panic. By doing so, clients can normalize and handle the attack. As their coping skills increase, the severity and frequency of the attacks may decrease.
  • Medication: This therapy is most effective when combined with exposure therapy or cognitive behavior therapy. Medicine may alleviate the symptoms to that coping mechanisms can be learned and/or foundational causes of the disorder can be handled. Typical medications may include benzodiazepines and antidepressants.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy: This therapy seeks to address the foundational causes of the panic disorder. It may examine any past trauma that clients experienced and any unhealthy thought or behavior patterns that grew from the trauma. With a skilled therapist, people can resolve the trauma and replace unhealthy patterns with healthy ones.

Reaching Out to Thriveworks Kalamazoo

The therapists at Thriveworks Kalamazoo are dedicated to finding the right combination of treatments that work for each, individual client. We have appointments available for panic disorder because we do not want anyone’s life to be disrupted because of panic attacks. If you or your loved one is struggling with panic, we are ready to help.

If you are ready to live your life without panic attacks, know that Thriveworks Kalamazoo has made the process of scheduling therapy as easy as we can. When you call, a person will answer and help you. New clients might even meet with their therapist the following day. We accept many forms of insurance, and we have weekend and evening sessions.

If you are ready to conquer your panic disorder, call Thriveworks Kalamazoo today. We are ready to help.

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Thriveworks Counseling Kalamazoo

First session

This will be short since I can only type with one hand currently, but I thoroughly enjoyed my first session with Dan. He seems very patient, thoughtful, and intelligent. I look forward to working with him and letting him pick my brain to help me become a healthier and more balanced person!
Thriveworks Counseling Kalamazoo

Non-Judgmental and good listener – a rare gem!

Cassie met with my cousin for several sessions to discuss issues related to my cousin's childhood. Cassie helped my cousin assess her feelings in a balanced way . She was also very supportive, listening and providing feedback effectively without being judgmental. This was exactly what my cousin needed. A very rare technique among many counselors these days.
Thriveworks Counseling Kalamazoo

Professional and Relatable

Rudy was professional and approachable. He was able to point out beliefs I had that were interfering with my ability to enjoy my life, but did so in a respectful manner. He was an effective therapist, with a genuine, caring approach.
Thriveworks Counseling Kalamazoo


The best
Thriveworks Counseling Kalamazoo


The intake coordinator Brittany was AMAZING. She listened to my needs so she could match me with a therapist that could help me. She was incredibly kind and truly listened to me in a stressful situation.
Thriveworks Counseling Kalamazoo

Alex Ansell who was fantastic

Alex helped me more than I can say! He was sensitive and patient with me and helped we work through some very difficult issues. His knowledge and communication skills guided me towards a positive outcome that gave me great peace. Thank you so much Alex for being there for me!
Thriveworks Counseling Kalamazoo

Thriveworks team is awesome!

Heather has always been the person that many people go to for advice and help. When she isn't helping people at work she is helping people at our church. All of the staff at Thriveworks are great. I highly recommend Thriveworks Counseling.
Thriveworks Counseling Kalamazoo

Great experience

The experience from the persons answering the phone and emails to my counselor, Heather, have been efficient and very helpful. I'm very thankful for Thriveworks because I can count on you when I need you most.
Thriveworks Counseling Kalamazoo

Heather and Thriveworks are awesome!

Heather is super awesome and helped get me back on track with my anxiety! If you are struggling at all with mental health issues, Thriveworks and Heather are fantastic help!
Thriveworks Counseling Kalamazoo


Heather is excellent! Her professionalism and integrity are spot on.
Thriveworks Counseling Kalamazoo

Caring, compassionate, complete

After having several friends work with Heather I can honestly say there isn't anyone else I would be willing to refer those seeking counseling. She cares about complete healing and really takes the time to care. It shows in her interactions with her clients as well as in how her clients speak of her.
Thriveworks Counseling Kalamazoo


I would like to share something very personal with everyone so that you can find the help that you need. My husband was in the Marine Corps and served a couple of tours overseas. He suffered from PTSD from what he went through and losing some of his fellow Marines. He introduced me to Heather the wife of one of his fellow Marines. She has been a god sent during my time of grief. He passed away in July 2017, and I have been working through everything since. She has been someone that I can go to whenever I need an ear to listen or a shoulder to cry on. She doesn't judge me and my situation as to how I am handling it. She just listens and helps where she can. Heather is a person that gets it and will help you anyway she can. I can honestly say I am truly blessed to have met her and now call her my friend. Anyone who is able to meet her and get help from her is lucky. So if you are looking for someone I would highly recommend you setting up an appointment with her. You can't go wrong with choosing her as your counselor. So please if you are looking for help call today and get your appointment with Heather. You will never look back and she will help you look forward to the new future. She did that for me!!! I'm truly lucky to have her in my corner!!!
Thriveworks Counseling Kalamazoo

Great People

When you need someone who will listen and not tell you how to feel. Heather is there. She will take the time to listen and give you the help you need. She comes to the task as a very professional and helpful counselor.
Thriveworks Counseling Kalamazoo

Great Place

This place is a breath of fresh air for me. I went in with terrible anxiety and am already feeling a bit better. My counselor is very capable and the staff in the office is very friendly. Would recommend them to my dearest friends.
Thriveworks Counseling Kalamazoo

Need compassion?

Starr combines a strong professionalism with a caring and understanding spirit. She inspires change through her grace and practical wisdom.
Thriveworks Counseling Kalamazoo

Starr Bull

I have worked professionally with Starr for several years and I highly recommend her. Starr is extremely knowledgeable and compassionate. Starr is highly skilled in several areas of counseling and is a wonderful counselor.
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