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As the old saying goes, “The only constant in life is change.” Knowing that’s true doesn’t necessarily make it easier to feel the truth of that statement. If you’re struggling to manage life transitions, whether they are part of the usual phases of life or something more unusual, reach out to a major life transition therapist at Thriveworks Kalamazoo. We’re here to help.

It seems there is a major life transition every decade or so—one year, you’re off to college, the next, you’re joining the workforce. One year you’re having a baby; just a few years later, they’re off to college, and your home is a very different place. Marriage, divorce, job changes, the growth of children, the death of a loved one—none of these changes are minor, but it can feel like your entire life is spent acclimating to a new reality, only to have that reality shift again as soon as you’re acclimated.

1. College

As a high school student, you’re often monitored rather heavily by others. Your parents may wake you up each morning; you may have a dress code; you likely have a tight schedule that’s somewhat ordered by the requirements of others.

College will be very different. You might be far from home, and you might be doing your own laundry for the first time in your life. While you’ll still have a schedule, it will be much more determined by your own interests. You’ll be able to create a class schedule full of passions you wish to pursue, but you’ll also have to get yourself out of bed and make decisions about when to go to sleep each night and what to eat to keep yourself healthy. Sometimes, you’ll have to decide which is more important—studying or hanging out with friends.

College is wonderful, but the difference in lifestyle from high school can be jarring.

2. Joining the Workforce

About the time you got used to college, you graduated. Now, you’ll have to find a place to live, set up utilities—and get a job.

Acquiring an 8-5 or other full-time position is a rite of passage—and an important one at that. But the shift to working five full days a week while still trying to maintain a healthy social life can be stressful. And that’s not taking into account the “little things” like paying bills.

Perhaps you grew up in a home focused on preparing you for the realities of the adult world, or perhaps not—either way, Thriveworks Kalamazoo Counseling is here to help you adjust to the change.

3. The Loss of a Loved One

After the loss of a friend, loved one, or even a pet, you may find you need a little help to move forward. Losing someone with whom you had a close relationship can leave you wondering how you’re supposed to live in a world without them in it. You may pick up the phone to call them, only to realize all over again that they’re gone–and no one can prepare you for that experience ahead of time.

If they were elderly and died peacefully, you may feel you shouldn’t have a right to the distress you’re experiencing–but that’s not true. While an unexpected loss is difficult in its own way, any loss is painful and potentially hard to recover from. Recovery doesn’t mean moving on as though the loved one never existed. It means learning to live without them in a healthy way–and sometimes that requires professional help.

4. Retirement

Retirement is something we dream about–at least culturally. It’s almost the opposite of starting a new job out of college. You’ve spent the last several decades working to progress a career. Your identity may be tied up in who you are professionally, and while you’re excited to gain the time freedom of retirement, you may struggle with what your day to day actually looks like, particularly if you haven’t been cultivating a hobby or close friendships over recent years.

If retirement is fast-approaching, or even if you’re months or years into this season of life, it’s never the wrong time to call. We can help you navigate a post-employment world.

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If you’re going through a life transition and think you could use a little help making the adjustment, don’t hesitate to reach out. That’s what counseling is all about–helping people develop the strategies necessary to successfully handle a constantly changing world.

We can often see new patients within a day or two, and our approachable therapists are always ready to help.


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