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Insomnia Therapy at Hampton, VA

You are awake, even though you should have fallen asleep hours ago. Instead of catching ZZZs, you are watching random infomercials on TV. If only the infomercial sold a sleeping draft, you would have it delivered with next-day shipping. You have tried various ways to sleep better, but nothing has worked.

If you struggle with sleep disruptions, know that cognitive behavior therapy has brought relief to many who suffer from insomnia. Cognitive behavior therapy offers practical solutions for sleep difficulties and goes deeper to help with the sleep disturbance’s causes.

There is no magic formula for better sleep, but insomnia therapy with the professionals at Hampton, VA has helped many reclaim restorative rest for their busy days.

Sleep Disruption and Its Problems

Good rest plays an important role in people’s overall health. Sleep restores minds and bodies. Sleep heals. Sleep energizes. Sleep renews. Anyone struggling with insomnia misses out on these benefits and often experiences problematic side effects.

These problems often include…

  1. Low energy.
  2. Difficulty focusing.
  3. Irritability.
  4. Weight gain.
  5. Decreased sex drive.
  6. Anxiety.

If you suffer with a disturbed sleep pattern, you are not alone. Many people suffer from insomnia. Because insomnia has many root causes, it can pop up in anyone’s life.

External factors can trigger insomnia in a person’s life. Big life changes often come with sleep disturbances. Moves, job changes, family difficulties, and more mean that people are particularly vulnerable to disrupted sleep.

Internal factors can also trigger insomnia in a person’s life. If someone has a family history of insomnia, they may be predisposed to difficult sleep patterns. Sleep disturbances can also come with certain medication or physical problems. Physical ailments or changes such as chronic pain, heartburn, restless leg syndrome, or menopause are examples of physical challenges that often disrupt sleep.

Sleep Disruption’s Many Forms

At various points throughout their lifetime, many people will experience a form of insomnia.

Some people are like Dawn, who has difficulty falling asleep. She usually does not fall asleep until 2:00 a.m. or 3:00 a.m., although she goes to bed at 10:00 p.m. Only sleeping a few hours every night, has been hard. Dawn feels more irritable throughout the day, and her relationships are strained. She wants help to fall asleep more quickly.

Some people are like Sam. He falls asleep easily. However, in the middle of the night, he wakes up for a few hours. Usually, he can fall back asleep for another hour or two, but he is missing out on 4-5 hours of restoring sleep each night. Sam even missed an important goal at work because it is harder for him to focus. Sleep deprivation costs too much, and Sam is ready to seek help.

Insomnia Therapy in Hampton, VA

Different habits during the day may lead to better sleep at night, but which changes to make and how can be confusing. One change that may help is reaching out for insomnia therapy. The professional therapists with Hampton, VA are trained and ready to help.

Hampton, VA offers appointments for cognitive behavior therapy, a thorough approach for insomnia treatment. Our therapists are not interested in quick fixes that do not last. Instead, the professionals at Hampton, VA work with their clients and for their clients, addressing insomnia’s underlying problems and offering practical solutions.

Every client faces unique sleep deprivation problems, and our professionals seek to find solutions that work for each client’s specific situation. Our therapists help their clients form a sleep plan—practical steps that may increase sleep.

Forming a unique sleep plans often includes…

  • Regulating caffeine and alcohol. Caffeine is a standard go-to for anyone struggling with drowsiness, but it also contributes to the sleep deprivation that causes the drowsiness. It’s a self-sustaining cycle, but not a cycle people who have insomnia want to participate in. Similarly, alcohol can cause sleep disturbances. Our counselors can help their clients make informed choices about how much and when to use caffeine and alcohol.
  • Restricting sleep. Over time, restricting sleep during the day or getting out of bed during sleepless nights may increase sleep. Lying in bed awake or taking cat naps may feel restful, but they may hamper the body’s ability to sleep. Our professionals help their clients examine their sleeping habits and optimize the time they are asleep.
  • Utilizing relaxation techniques. With the guidance of a therapist, people can learn to control their thoughts while falling asleep. With time and practice, our counselors help their clients direct their mind toward calming, peaceful, and relaxing thoughts. These techniques can help people relax their minds and bodies as they fall asleep or if they wake in the middle of the night.

The therapists at Hampton, VA have seen their clients make great improvements with these practical strategies for better sleep. Our professionals also know that long-term help may mean going deeper and identifying the foundational causes of the sleep disturbances. We want our clients to experience better sleep that is also sustainable.

Long-term solutions usually mean looking at foundational causes.

People suffer from insomnia for various reasons. Our experienced professionals guide their clients in thoroughly examining any specific causes for their sleep disturbance. Could underlying stress be better managed? Is there an undiagnosed anxiety disorder contributing to insomnia? How can major life changes be faced with healthy coping strategies so that the stress does not result in a sleep disturbance?

Seeking Professional Help

Insomnia counseling with our therapists has helped many clients find the relief they so desperately desire. We offer appointments with flexible hours, and there is no wait-list at our office. Often, we see clients within 24 hours. We also accept most insurance plans.

If you are dealing with insomnia’s effects, you do not need to deal with the difficulties of scheduling therapy too.

We try to make the process of finding professional help as easy as possible. Call today to schedule an appointment and to begin the journey toward a full night’s sleep.

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