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It’s hard to turn on the TV or go online without seeing news of another public figure whose marriage is on the rocks because of infidelity. Whether it’s the politicians caught with their interns, the actors who hooked up on set, or the athletes who get around, adultery is everywhere, and people seem to soak up the juicy details.

But when infidelity happens in your marriage and in your relationship, it’s not glamorous–it’s a crisis.

Cheating ends some marriages while other couples choose to mend the relationship. What is the right path forward? No one can make that decision for the couple. It’s a very personal choice, and after an affair, many couples seek out help as the make important and sensitive decisions about their relationship.

Thriveworks Hampton, VA offers therapy that has provided couples with the guidance and support they need to answer the difficult questions that arise after infidelity.

Infidelity, Pain, and Trauma

When a spouse or partner cheats, they break the rules of their committed relationship. The rules may be marriage vows or they could be agreed-upon standards for exclusivity within a long-term relationship. Either way, infidelity almost always brings deeply painful wounds.

Much of the pain comes from the betrayal. People may expect lies and secrets from their enemies, and because the wound is coming from a loved one, it hurts all the more. What should be a relationship full of honesty becomes full of lies. What should be a place of healing becomes a place of pain. Adultery can turn a person’s world upside down.

Affairs are, by definition, in the context of a relationship, and they therefore hurt people. The couple’s extended family, community, and friends often feel the betrayal of an affair. However, the uninvolved spouse and children usually experience the most pain.

  • The Uninvolved Spouse: Spouses who are betrayed often report feeling traumatized. Many experience post traumatic stress symptoms similar to the symptoms combat veterans experience: anxiety, vivid dreams, obsessive-compulsive behaviors, flashbacks, and more. After discovering their spouse has cheated, the uninvolved spouse may feel as if lies tain their whole life, and nothing is safe.
  • The Children: Children feel the betrayal too. Some children are too young to know what is going on, but they still feel the disruption. If children know the parent committed adultery, they may resent the parent. If the marriage ends in divorce, children may blame themselves. Children can also bring these difficulties into their future relationships.

Pain that is so personal cannot be quantified, but without doubt, the relational trauma that infidelity brings is severe. Betraying an intimate relationship leaves deep wounds, and healing those wounds may require far-reaching treatment.

Healing from Infidelity

There are no magic words that can restore the trust that was lost in infidelity. There is no quick-fix for healing the beach that lying causes. Apologies are a good first step, but healing from infidelity is a long journey.

Even if a couple pursues a divorce, forgiveness and trust may be possible after infidelity. But how? Skilled counselors can guide couples through infidelity and toward recovery.

Counselors will need to tailor their treatment to each couple and their particular circumstances, but in general, therapy can help couples …

  • Evaluate Their Relational Goals – Maybe the couple wants to reconcile. Possibly, they want to separate on a trial basis. Maybe they want a divorce. Most likely, they do not know what they want or will change their minds along the way. These are all natural responses to infidelity. Counseling can help couples clarify what they want and make informed decisions about their future.
  • Bolster Their Communication – Naturally, communication after betrayal is a difficult process. Emotions can be explosive or the silence could be numbing. Either way, therapists may facilitate healthier forms of communication.
  • Rebuild Their Trust – Even couples who split are often in each other’s lives to some degree, especially if they have children together. Therapists can help the couple establish boundaries and accountability that may restore the level of trust they need for whatever type of future relationship they have.

Thriveworks Hampton Infidelity Therapy Appointments

Infidelity can bring instability into a couple’s relationships. The therapists at Thriveworks Hampton, VA understand. The fallout from adultery is utterly confusing. Scheduling an appointment for therapy should not be.

We want to make the process as hassle-free as possible. When you call our office…

  1. A person will answer your call and schedule your appointment.
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You can thrive after infidelity. We can help. Call today.

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