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Tired but wide awake in the night, you have watched the hours slowly pass by… one o’clock in the morning, two o’clock in the morning, three o’clock in the morning… As each hour passes, your chance of a good night’s sleep passes as well. Not sleeping is stressing you out. Natural remedies, medication, and even diet changes have not helped. You need sleep, but it’s jut not happening.

Have you experienced this situation? If you have, you are not alone. Many people suffer sleep disruptions and insomnia.

Insomnia therapists have been able to help many who suffer from disrupted sleep. Many have found relief by reaching out for professional help and receiving the thorough treatment a professional can provide. Insomnia therapy often equips people with practical, solutions that are conducive for a good night’s sleep and may treat any foundational health problems that accompany or cause the insomnia.

Fitchburg, MA’s insomnia therapists offer their clients thorough care and want to help them sleep well again.

The Difficulties of Insomnia

Many people suffer from insomnia, but each person experiences it differently.

Some people have difficulty falling. They may lie awake for hours, and some nights, they do not sleep at all.

Other people fall asleep easily. However, they cannot stay asleep. They may wake up after only an hour or two of sleep.

Some people seemingly sleep the whole night. But in the morning, they wake drained instead of restored and rested.

Disruptions in sleep at night often lead to difficulties during the day. Anyone who has suffered from insomnia, may have experienced these negative side effects…

  1. Drowsiness.
  2. Irritability.
  3. Difficulty focusing.
  4. Decreased motivation.
  5. Memory loss.
  6. Low sex drive.
  7. Anxiety.
  8. Accidents.

Insomnia’s side effects can make daily life harder. Decreased motivation can cause problems at work and a reduction in productivity. Irritability may cause tension with family and friends. Automobile accidents often occur because of fatigue.

Molly’s Story

Molly takes night classes and works fulltime during the day. She is a hard worker, and has recently struggled with sleep disturbances. Molly does not fall asleep until she has lain in bed for hours. On a good night, she sleeps three hours. A few a nights each week, Molly does not fall asleep at all.

It is becoming harder and harder for Molly to achieve what she wants to achieve each day: She has difficulty following her professors during class. At work, she has forgotten important tasks.

As the months wear on, Molly is growing more anxious about getting enough sleep. She has tried some home remedies that her friends recommended. Nothing has brought sustainable help. Molly worries that this is her new normal. She wonders if she might be a bad sleeper and if she just need to learn to live with sleep deprivation.

Like Molly, many people struggle with insomnia and wonder if sleep disturbances are normal. Many people have told themselves that there are no solutions for sleep disruptions. They do not have hope of sleeping well again.

Can you relate to Molly’s battle with insomnia? Many people can. Insomnia therapists have also helped many people overcome insomnia’s challenges.

The therapists at Fitchburg, MA have helped many insomnia clients regain a good night’s sleep.

Therapy for Insomnia at Fitchburg, MA

Fitchburg, MA therapists take a thorough approach to insomnia treatment. They may equip their clients with practical solutions that can make it easier to sleep. Our therapists also know that it’s important to find out what is causing the sleep disturbance. Insomnia therapy does not offer easy or quick fixes. Instead, insomnia therapists at Fitchburg, MA offer a deep approach and help many clients regain their healthy sleeping patterns.

What Happens at Insomnia Therapy?

Every person has unique sleep patterns and sleep disruptions. The causes of insomnia vary from person to person as well. Our professionals may look at and treat what causes insomnia and sleep disruptions. Together, our therapists and their clients also may explore any negative beliefs or daily habits that are making it harder to get good rest.

Examples of the topics our therapists may explore with their clients includes …

  • Could some daily routines be adjusted, changed, and/or eliminated for better sleep?
  • Are mental or physical health issues making the sleep disturbance worse or possibly causing the sleep disturbance?
  • Have negative beliefs such as, I will never sleep normally again or I’m a bad sleeper, contributed to the insomnia?
  • Would adjusting the sleep environment create a space more conducive for rest?
  • What relaxation exercises could bring peaceful calming thoughts?

Many things disrupt sleep patterns, but daily habits and negative beliefs are common offenders. Our counselors have training and experience to pinpoint any underlying causes of the insomnia. They regularly advise their clients on how to navigate insomnia’s hardships and help them overcome the daily habits or negative beliefs that may be disrupting rest.

Practical Steps for a Better Night’s Sleep

With the help of an experienced professional, our clients often form a sleep plan—practical steps that are tailored to their needs and help promote sleep. Although each sleep plan is individualized, sleep plans may include …

  • Setting consistent bed and wake up times.
  • Limiting alcohol and caffeine consumption.
  • Stopping daytime naps.
  • Confining bed use to only sex and sleep
  • Maintaining a calm, restful sleep environment

Scheduling an Appointment

Are you ready to make some life changes that could alleviate sleep disturbances and their effects? If so, consider reaching out for professional help. The therapists at Fitchburg, MA are ready to help. They have guided many clients in making positive adjustments to their negative beliefs and daily habits.

There are appointments for insomnia therapy available at Fitchburg, MA. We maintain flexible appointment hours because we know you have a busy life. Even more, we do not keep a waitlist because we know you have suffered with insomnia for long enough. We may even see our clients within 24 hours. We accept many insurance providers.

Insomnia can make life harder, but we hope to make asking for help from a trained therapist at Fitchburg, MA easier. Call today for an appointment.

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