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Counseling for Insomnia at Diamond Bar, CA

Insomnia is disruptive but common experience. Desperate for the rest they need, many people try home remedies for insomnia or tips they found online for better sleep. These may work for a time, but they rarely work long-term.

Insomnia counseling, however, has brought sustainable relief to many. Insomnia counselors may help their clients find unique, practical solutions for their particular sleep problems. They may also uncover physical or mental health problems that are causing the insomnia or making it worse.

Is insomnia stealing your rest each night? Diamond Bar, CA’s insomnia counselors are ready to help. Many of their clients have reclaimed a restful night’s sleep.

Insomnia: What Is It?

Kari cannot regularly fall asleep. She frequently gets an hour or two of sleep, after lying in bad awake for most of the night. Occasionally, Kari does not sleep.

Jim is seemingly asleep throughout the night, but he wakes up exhausted each morning. Jim knows sleep should feel refreshing, but it doesn’t. He worries something is wrong.

Penny falls asleep quickly at about the same time each night. However, she can only sleep for a few short hours.

Kari, Jim, and Penny have insomnia—a common sleep disorder that makes falling asleep, staying asleep, or getting restorative sleep difficult. Insomnia can be acute, where the sleep disturbance lasts for weeks or months. Insomnia may also be chronic, with on-going sleep disturbances that may last for years or even decades.

Insomnia Disrupts

Whether acute or chronic, insomnia disrupts nighttime sleep and everyday life. People who live with insomnia may also live with …

  • Fatigue.
  • Weight gain.
  • Decreased sex drive.
  • Poor attention span.
  • Increased feelings of anger and impatience.
  • Memory loss.

Insomnia can also increase people’s risk of mental and physical health complications, including …

  • Hypertension
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Anxiety disorders
  • The flu and common cold
  • Heart attack

Have any of these challenges affected you? If insomnia is disrupting your life, you are not alone. Many people experience sleep disruptions at some point in their lives, and many people have found the help they need for a good night’s sleep through insomnia counseling.

Diamond Bar, CA Counseling for Insomnia

Diamond Bar, CA insomnia counseling offers cognitive behavior therapy, a thorough approach to treating insomnia. Our counselors frequently help their clients find long-term solutions and short-term relief that fit their daily life. Are you ready for regular, restorative sleep? Consider making an appointment for insomnia counseling. Our professionals have helped many clients reestablish much-needed sleep patterns.

Insomnia counseling at Diamond Bar, CA may include…

  • Cultivating Relaxation or Meditation Routines. Preparing your mind and body for nighttime may help them fall asleep more quickly and for a longer period of time. Having a standard relaxation or meditation routine before bed may gently guide your mind and body into restful sleep. Similarly, if you wake in the night or find you cannot fall asleep quickly, a therapist may be able to help you channel your thoughts away from stress and anxiety and toward relaxation.
  • Adjusting Your Sleep Climate. Your bedroom’s environment influences how you sleep. Lighting, noise, and temperature can be conducive for sleep or prohibitive. Our professionals help their clients analyze their sleep climate and make adjustments that optimize their chances for a good night’s sleep.
  • Limiting Sleep and/or Rest to Nighttime. Catnapping or daytime rest may feel necessary to survive your day, but they can also perpetuate the sleep disturbance. Similarly, being awake but in bed can worsen insomnia. Our therapists often encourage their clients to use their bed for nighttime sleeping or sex only.
  • Keeping a Sleep Journal. In order to find personalized solutions, our counselors need to know the specific sleep difficulties their clients face. Keeping a sleep journal may aid our therapists and their clients in pinpointing insomnia’s cause and may lead to a more effective treatment.
  • Treating Accompanying Medical Problems. Insomnia may arise without a coexisting medical issue, but often, sleep disturbances are cause by or exacerbated by other health problems. When sleep disruptions co-occur with another medical problem, then our counselors know the other medical problem and the insomnia need care.

Complex issues like insomnia do not have quick and easy fixes, but with guidance from a trained professional, many people experience restored sleep. Our clients often find that insomnia counseling is worth the effort they dedicate to it, and they now experience restorative nights and energetic days once more.

Setting Up an Appointment

We care about our clients want to make setting an appointment for insomnia counseling as easy as possible. Diamond Bar, CA’s insomnia counselors have convenient appointments and even keep night and weekend hours. We also take most insurance plans.

Fighting a sleep disturbance may feel overwhelming and lonely. Our counselors love helping their clients overcome insomnia’s challenges. Call Diamond Bar, CA to set up your insomnia counseling appointment.

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