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Couples Counseling—Support for Strained Relationships in Denver, CO

Faithful viewers turn on VH1’s Couples Therapy to follow the drama of celebrity partners who are working on their relationships. Can these couples work through their difference? Will the breaches in trust be repaired? Or will the partners call it quits? Each week is another exercise for the relationships—another chance to learn and grow as the celebrities work with experienced therapists. The show certainly highlights the drama, but it also highlights the reality that all couples face hardship. No relationship is perfect, and in many ways, disagreement, tension, and disputes are all normal. In some cases, these are actually opportunities for couples to better their relationship. Many couples are working with a couples therapist to learn how to strengthen their bond.

“Every couple has ups and downs, every couple argues, and that’s the thing—you’re a couple, and couples can’t function without trust.”
—Nicholas Sparks, At First Sight

When couples grow apart, they can find their way back to each other. When trust is breached, it can be repaired. When partner are pulling in opposite direction, they can re-evaluate their priorities. It takes work. It takes consistent effort. It may also take a mental health professional. More and more, as couples find themselves off course in their relationship, they are working with a couples counselor to find their way back on track.

When couples are struggling, help is available. Thriveworks Denver provides couples therapy, not for a reality TV show but for ordinary people. Our counselors and therapist have worked with many couples who were struggling with their partner, and we have helped them find a path forward for themselves and for the relationship.

The Weight of Strained Relationships

A common theme that couples voice is that they feel isolated in their relationship, as if they are all alone in their struggle. In couples therapy, many of those same partners learn that the details of their struggle may be unique, but the struggle itself it usually one that many people have faced. There are certain issues that plague couples over and over again. This may sound discouraging, but these problems also have solutions. When each partner is dedicated to the other and when each partner is willing to grow, these issues (and many more that are not listed) can be overcome. Common issues that strain relationships include …

  • Disagreements about Family – How many times have tensions with the in-laws been the plotline of a major movie or TV show? Think of the popular movie Meet The Parents. Tension about extended families might be cliché, but it is also true. Disagreement about what role each person’s family will play within the couple’s life can drive partners apart.
  • Differing Expectations – Partners may disagree about expectations for their relationship, and they can be pulling in opposite directions. Of course, individuals need to keep their individuality as they come together in relationship, but couples should share certain values and respect disagreement. If one partner is pushing in one direction and the other is pulling in an opposite direction, there will be tension.
  • Communication Difficulties – Good communication requires empathy, openness, and vulnerability. In other words, good communication takes time and intentionality. During life’s busyness, it is easy to let good communication fall through the cracks, and when it does, feelings can be hurt, needs pushed aside, and problems minimized.
  • Distrust – Little things like forgetting an important date or missing an appointment can slowly erode trust. Big things like lying or cheating can demolish trust. In either case, trust can be built up again. It is a difficult process, but when both partners are open to change, trust can bind them together again.
  • Difficulty with Intimacy – Intimacy is how the couple establishes meaningful connection. It can be physical, spiritual, emotional, social, and more. Intimacy takes intentionality and care. All too often, the busyness of life can push connection aside, and many couples struggle with intimacy.

How Might Couples Counseling Help?

Are you and your partner struggling with distrust? Are you pulling in opposite direction? Have your families become a source of contention? If so, you are not alone. Many other couples are struggling too, and many have found the help they need at couples counseling. A skilled therapist can often help couples make tangible changes that improve their relationship. How can that happen? Couples counselors often…

  • Set a practical timeline for adjusting the relationship. Some relationship changes need to be enacted as soon as possible. Other adjustments need time. Knowing the difference is often key for establishing a healthier relationship, and skilled couples therapists can often help partners know the difference.
  • Keep the conflict focused upon the problem. All too easily, conflict can escalate, and before they know it, partners are attacking each other instead of the issue. Couples counselors can often de-escalate conflict so that the couple works together, not against each other. This means, each partner puts their energy toward solving the problem instead of attacking each other.

Sessions for Couples Therapy at Thriveworks Denver

If you think that couples therapy may be the right next step for you and your partner, consider reaching out to Thriveworks Denver. We have appointments for couples counseling available. When you contact our office, know that your first appointment may be the following day. We accept many forms of insurance, and we offer weekend and evening appointments.

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