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Diane and her husband agreed that she would stay home to take care of the children. Because they agreed on this, she didn’t think they needed to have a long conversation about how finances would be handled. Her husband made enough money to support them, so the question of there being enough money wasn’t a problem. However, after several months she became very frustrated. Though her husband wasn’t controlling as a rule, she found herself having to ask for money every time she wanted to go to the grocery store, buy the boys some shoes, or pay a bill. She knew they would have to budget carefully when she quit her job, but she didn’t anticipate having to ask for money for the occasional splurge.

Diane’s husband almost always gives her the money she requests, but frequently the cash comes with attitude or some level of verbal judgment about how she’s choosing to spend it. Diane has never had any kind of problem that would warrant this kind of response from him.

Diane and her husband are great candidates for couples counseling. They are both invested in their life together, they enjoy spending time together, and they agree on how to raise their children. As the sole breadwinner, Diane’s husband has some unresolved issues about money that are coming out. Disagreements about money can lead to divorce, but they don’t have to.

Signs Your Relationship Is in Trouble

It’s no surprise that money and disagreements about it are one of the leading causes of fights between couples. An occasional disagreement about how to spend money, spend time, raise children, or any other numbers of issues is one thing, but if the fights are constant or mean, it may be time to consider couples counseling.

Thriveworks Dedham MA counseling sees couples for many reasons, including fights about finances. However, couples fight for many reasons besides money. Disagreements about whether or not to move for one spouse’s job, how to raise children, politics, depression, substance abuse, and infidelity are just a few of the reasons that couples have trouble. While disagreements are normal, the above rule applies: if fights are constant, mean, or interfering with your daily life, it’s time to take action.

It’s not just fighting that’s a problem, though. In fact, one of the most painful things to experience in a marriage or relationship may be a lack of fighting. When one or both partners have mentally checked out of the relationship, things have gotten serious. This is often accompanied by a lack of intimacy, another sign that the relationship needs significant attention.

Thriveworks Dedham MA couples counselors know how sensitive talking about the particulars of your relationship can be. We’ve helped many clients overcome their relationship struggles and develop closeness that’s even deeper than it was in the beginning. We know every couple is different and we are not here to judge. Our only goal is to help you feel better and live the fullest life together possible.

Time to Call a Therapist

You may be wondering exactly what couples therapy entails. Generally we will see both of you together, though we may occasionally ask to see you separately in order to check in for a progress report. We will often do your intake separately as well, though each situation is different. When it comes to couples therapy, “The overall goal is to help the partners move from reactivity to responsibility for their own feelings and behavior…” (Scheinkman). We also consider what’s fueling the couple’s dynamics. Once we know what is fueling the strife, we can work with you to develop a plan to overcome it.

Thriveworks Dedham MA Couples Therapy

If your relationship is struggling, Thriveworks Dedham couples and marriage therapy can help. We don’t keep a waiting list, and we can usually schedule new clients within 24 hours. We also accept most major insurance carriers. Marriage and couples therapy can help the most important relationship in your life become whole again. You can thrive. We can help.

Further Reading
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