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Jeanette’s grandmother, Linda, suffered her entire life from what she called “nerves.” As Jeanette grew older, she realized she too was suffering from these “nerves.” While Jeanette was generally happy, she found that even situations she was looking forward to could make her anxious. For instance, though she loved nothing more than gathering a large group with her friends, going to concerts, or hanging out with her family, she finally realized that they made her incredibly anxious. When she stopped and thought about her grandmother, she realized that her anxiety was likely genetic. After discussing it with her mother, Jeanette found that her mother had also had this experience. After going to counseling, Jeanette realized it wasn’t just certain situations that caused anxiety, though they did heighten it. Jeanette lived every day with an undercurrent of stress, even during situations that shouldn’t otherwise warrant it.

Jeanette is not alone. Many Americans quietly suffer from anxiety and depression and rarely discuss it with even their close family. Because anxiety and depression are two of the most common mental health disorders in the United States, if everyone suffering opened up about it they would likely find they are not alone in their family, and they are certainly not alone within their social circle.

Anxiety and Depression: How They Impact Lives

There are several kinds of depressive disorders including major depression, persistent depressive disorder, and bipolar disorder. Major depression involves symptoms that last for more than two weeks, while persistent depressive disorder requires less serious symptoms but often continues for at least two years. Symptoms may include low energy, appetite changes, and sleep struggles (Anxiety and Depression Association of America). While anxiety is separate from depression, they can be experienced at the same time, and symptoms include tension, worry, irritability, and difficulty concentrating.

In comparison, bipolar disorder can be thought of akin to a pendulum: the person will be extremely depressed for a time, only to swing to the other end of the spectrum and be happy, bubbly, and energetic. While the happiness of that swing may be pleasant after the period of depression, it likely feels manic. As one goal of therapy is to help clients restore balance to their lives, you’ll find that the swings in each direction are less drastic and you spend more time balanced in the middle. It’s this balance that allows us to live a full life.

You don’t have to compare yourself to anyone else. All forms of anxiety and depression, and all levels of severity, warrant therapy. If you feel you need help, Thriveworks Dedham MA counselors are ready to meet you so you can get back to living your life.

How a Therapist Can Help

Thankfully, help is available through anxiety and depression counseling. During your first session or two, your therapist will work to get to know you and your personal and mental health history. Once your history and current situation are clear, we’ll work to determine the root cause of your depression or anxiety.

Once the cause of your depression or anxiety is determined, it’s common to feel some immediate relief. If you don’t know why you feel bad, finding out the reason can be affirming. After that, the main goal of therapy becomes reframing your thoughts and responses to that cause in order to create an overall more positive outlook.

In some instances, particularly if there is a physiological cause to your depression and anxiety, medication may be used to help you manage your symptoms. If we suspect that’s the case, we may refer you to a psychiatrist to evaluate whether or not prescription medication is appropriate for you.

Thriveworks Dedham MA Therapy and Depression

Thriveworks Dedham MA Counseling doesn’t use a waiting list, because we want you to get the help you need as quickly as possible. To further that end, we can usually see you within 24 hours of your call. We also accept all major insurance policies, so you can often see us for just the cost of your copay.

We know depression and anxiety counseling can help. We’ve seen it work for others, and we want to see it work for you. You can feel better, and we can help.

Further Reading
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