How to Find a Counseling Internship

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There are nearly 1000 graduate education programs for counselors in the US. Over 600 of them are accredited by CACREP – the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs. There are nearly 20,000 student members in the American Counseling Association!

At the outset, these numbers suggest that our counseling centers are likely to be well-staffed for the foreseeable future with bright, creative minds who’ve learned the latest techniques to help people move through struggles.

Yet, literally every student in every program must go through a practicum and internship phase in order to successfully graduate and prepare for the long road to becoming licensed mental health professionals. Many students looking for counseling internships find achieving placement difficult.

Some schools have programs designed to help or relationships with local agencies that might provide a counseling internship opportunity, but at times, these resources are unable to help the sheer volume of counseling interns looking to enter the workforce at any given time. Other programs are less equipped to resource their students and instead refer them to state licensing boards. Licensing boards typically have lists on file with agency “possibilities”, but they become quickly dated and can end in further frustration for the counseling intern trying to find current openings.

Until now, there has been no resource on the web for students to find counseling internships.

In 2012, Ryan Thomas Neace, a Licensed Professional Counselor, Nationally Certified Counselor, and official blogger for the American Counseling Association took notice of all these facts, and decided to do something about it! officially launched in January 2013, and now boasts thousands of counseling opportunities from companies offering paid internships and entry-level counseling jobs that meet the requirements of most internship programs.

Students can find internships for as low as $9.99, and can access a host of free content designed to aide them in their journey along the way, including blogs from counselors and counselor interns, information about licensure, and more!

No more outdated lists, searching the web, or scratching your head! Find an Internship. Skip the Hassle!!!

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