Intranet and Community

A Connected Community from around the country

Join our highly-active franchisee community, with multiple ongoing online discussions, conference calls, videoconferences and our yearly convention, Thrivestock!

In addition, gain access to Thriveworks intranet, a resource with literally hundreds of practice management items you will use to run your practice: from our 400+ page operations manual, to admin and clinical forms, HIPAA trainings, employee contracts, professional print-on-demand promotional materials, employee handbook and training materials, HR docs, payroll docs, legal forms—the intranet contains thousands of pages of highly-useful proprietary information that are at your fingertips.

  • Need a banner for Facebook?
  • Need a trusted place to order prescription pads?
  • Need a release for child therapy?
  • Need a copy of our privacy practices?
  • Need step-by-step instructions for setting up in quickbooks, or payroll?
  • Need to get a background check on a new hire?

The utility of the intranet resources cannot be overstated.

Also, our growing community means real discounts on things you need to grow your practice, including discounts on software, printing, marketing and the ability to purchase our modern office furniture at wholesale.

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