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For most people, their calendars are filled with items they have to do: work, errands, chores, exercise, and more. There might be a few times where they can squeeze in items they want to do: catching a movie, dinner with a friend, an evening away. Without intentional effort, the tasks that people have to do often dominate the calendar, but it does not have to be. The ratio can be reversed, and many people are using goals to take back their time and add more “want to” to their calendar. There is no question, small but important changes can transform people’s lives.

“If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy and inspires your hopes.” —Andrew Carnegie

Goal setting has traditionally been associated with miserable tasks no one wants to do, but Andrew Carnegie offers a different perspective. Goals are an essential part of happiness. When people set goals, it often means they know what they value. The effort it takes to achieve the goal can provide focus, inspiration, and energy to an otherwise mundane schedule.

The connection between high-achievement and goal-setting is well-documented. Setting goals is an effective way of reaching a specific target. Nonetheless, an effective process is not the same as an easy process. Long-term achievement often requires short-term sacrifice, and there are no silver bullets or bypasses. There are support systems, however. Everyone needs help when they reach for a goal, and many people are finding that help by meeting with a life coach or counselor.

Thriveworks Conway has worked with many clients to clarify their values, set appropriate goals, and work toward achievement. Our coaches and therapists know that small changes can make a big difference. We have seen many people add more “want to” to their calendar.

How Does Setting a Goal Help?

Take a moment to day dream: what do you want to achieve tomorrow? Next week? Next year? And beyond? Time spent dreaming is important and healthy, and goals are often born out of these dreams. Yet, goals differ from dreams in an important way: Dreams ask, “What do I want?” Goals ask, “How can that become a reality?”

Goals gives structure to dreams and may…

  1. Boost people’s self-discipline.
  2. Focus people’s attention upon what truly matters to them.
  3. Drive important action steps.
  4. Integrate people’s focus and behavior.
  5. Keep up momentum through inevitable difficulties and setbacks.

Aim at Variety of Targets

People can make a goal for any area of their lives, and often, the greater variety of targets where they aim, the better. Some goals will be professional; some will be personal. Some will give people significant challenge; some will focus upon fun. Examples of the variety of goals for which people can aim include…

  • Artistic growth: Where can art improve your life? Do you need time to practice your artistic skill? Would you like to support an artist?
  • Career: How can what you value and where you are skilled align in a career?
  • Fun: Where do you feel satisfied and happy? How can activities and people who put a smile on your face be a part of your routine?
  • Attitude: What type of person do you want to become? Do you want to cultivate more kindness? Greater self-awareness?
  • Finances: How can the money you earn fuel your passion? Do you want to maximize what you can earn? Do you want to live debt free?
  • Education: Where can you grow and develop your understanding? Is there an area of life where you want a mentor? What books do you want to read and concepts do you want to explore?
  • Physical strength: What adjustments to your health routine can make you stronger? What benefits would that bring to your life?
  • Family: What type of a home life do you want to cultivate? What relationships with your extended family can be improved?

Goal Setting: What Is the Key?

While specific goals will vary from person to person and from time to time, the form each goal takes should be relatively the same. Effective goals often have the following characteristics which are the keys to achievement. In particular, goals should be…

  • Shared: Let people know about your goals and ask for their support. Build a network of allies who can offer encouragement and help.
  • Detailed: The more specific details a goal has, the better. The details should also allow the goal to be measured—people should know whether they have achieved it or not.
  • Written: The method of documentation does not matter—make a Word Doc, hand-write a list, form a note on your phone. Write goals down and revisit them often.
  • Time-bound: Deadlines can spur action. They also give people a light at the end of the tunnel.

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