30 Years ago I started this journey of discovery and self exploration. I have had periods of satisfaction however I continue to struggle with depression and chronic low level anxiety.

I have switched medications, have been diagnosed and re-diagnosed, tried to fit into each category and follow through on my due diligence to see these treatments to their end…

I am now 54 and have never felt less grounded or decisive. I have no idea who I am, and though I have strong opinions I waver and have been easily led away from my beliefs. I have had the same psychiatrist now for more than 5 years and just want someone to tell me what the hell to do in order to progress.

I do not have a substance abuse problem and spent the majority of the last 30 years abstaining though I no longer have the desire to remain abstinent. I have been married for 20 years though we are separated and continue to see each other. I cannot seem to reach a place of satisfaction.

I live on a small island and am worried that my ambivalence will see me following my husband to an even more remote location…I have no sense of direction for my life and tend to live as support staff for others. Then I resent them. Yeah…I know. Help

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