I’ve been in a relationship where the last several years there has been no intimacy.  Besides no physical connection there is no real emotional connection either. We don’t live together, but see each other 4-5 times a week. There is no touching, hugging, hand holding and once I’m awhile a kiss hello or good-bye. AND yes I have tried! I’ve tried imitating, setting the mood, creating atmospheres, games…..etc.  Its ALWAYS the wrong time, or he needs help….( and no he is not old… 40, or sick)  ( I’ve wondered gay, but our sex life used to be amazing or maybe bi-sexual?? Idk) We share meals  together and watch tv. No real communication even takes place. We vacation together, and they play out the same way. We actually got engaged a few months ago, but have never discussed getting married. I have shared with him how I feel and how lonely I am with him sitting in the room, but nothing changes.  We’ve done counseling and still nothing has changed. I feel I’ve already committed so many years, but don’t want to live the rest of my life celibate and lonely.  I say it’s over and he promises things will change and it just never does…..Anything left I can do?

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