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My brother had a cerebral hemorrhage at birth.  He is now 37 looks normal (minus bad hygiene) but has a bad temper, x-junkie, cognitively impaired (inability to cut his own nails, shave his face).  His gf looks normal, never had testing done but is slow and a master manipulator. She is on a high dose of Zanex and 120mg of methadone daily.  He taxes suboxone daily.  They had a baby that I had to detox (it was so painful for her and awful).  I had her full time for 5 months and since have had her 75% of the time.  She is slightly delayed.

Where I need advice…my bro & his g/f are making the baby worse.  They try, they love her but that’s not enough.  Liz (g/friend) somehow got Dcf to close the case.  She then cancelled EI services for baby.  Baby Ava has been having seizures and they won’t tell doctor.  Last time I told the doctor something confidential she filed a 51a on them and Liz made it so I can no longer converse w/doctor.  Now when Ava is sick and I can’t reach them, I can’t call doctor. Ava is not getting treated for seizures or other issues and my bro paul and Liz are tearing my family apart.  Every holiday is destroyed by them.  They have become my full time job.  I take them to their doctor specialist appointments, call insurance company for them, take care of their household, buy their clothes etc etc.  I have zero help and need to keep Ava safe.  Their apartment is not safe.  I could go on and on.  I did report all but seizures to Dcf.  Gave them so much info and they did nothing at all.  I think Liz got them to believe she is a great mom.  I need advice desperately.  My 12 year old daughter has high anxiety and is really suffering watching how they treat Ava.  My brother is awful to my daughter. I threw him out of my house many times over it.

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