I have been back with my boyfriend for 3 years now and he still says he will not ever get married again more less to me. When we met we moved in right away and he was in a desparate situation to have somewhere to live which I did not k now at the time. We were together about 6 months and he broke up with me. He is 10 years younger than me and states he is the pretty one in the relationship. He used to be a model but as we age we don’t look like before. He is very handsome and age 50. I am no model but I feel I look 10 years younger as I work out and severely take care of myself. He says he loves me and he is committed. He has a sever paranoia condition, possible skitsofrania, and PPD (Paranoia Dillusional Disorder) and I feel he is also a narcicist. He thinks someone is following him most of the time and will not socialize much in public except with HIS family and friends which I am included. I can accept certain conditions if he is working with me, but he fails to go get counseling and does not admit he needs to work on a relationship as well. He says I am insecure and as we are older should not expect more affection. We make love maybe every 2-3 weeks but the only affection I get from him is when we have sex. It is always based on his desire and not what I want. He says it is because of his meds and change in his body and that he has always been this way once he has settled in a relationship. Could and will this ever change? If so, what steps can I take or should I give up totally?

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