The noise of the clothes drying machine caused a lot of problem such as depression, and made me not able to focus on work a few months before, etc.

That was a serious problem¬† at those days because it could hinder my achievement and progress at work. I became very anxious and angry as I hadenvironmental disadvantage that hinder my work and career. Because, that means either I have to pay to rent for a coworking place or buy a new house, which is impossible until I get work done and get rich. But, losing productivity hinder the progress to such goal. That means, losing productivity due to the noise of the clothes drying machine could cause such “deadllock”

But thankfully, after my mum move the clothes drying machine to another spot in my home (which is the only place left available for clothes dring) and get rid of its noise. I can again relaxingly work at home.

But I wonder, since I live in a very crowded urban area, many people can be poorer and live in home much smaller than mine, and I cannot imagine how painful and how they could overcome such suffering.

Do you have an idea?

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