I have a history of relationships that don’t work. The first one being with my mother. My mother is super critical of me and everything I do. I got a divorce in 2015 and my ex-husband forced me to sign over custody when I tried to take him to child support. I see my children often but it isn’t the same. My daughter confided in me almost two years ago that her paternal grandfather was abusing her. I called her father to tell him, thinking he would be supportive of filing charges against his father. He wasn’t. He apparently knew but did nothing about it. I went to the police but my ex somehow convinced my daughter to lie. I didn’t see her for a month. I am dating a man who at first was a sweetheart and supportive of me and my daughters. However, as time has passed, he has grown verbally abusive. He made a scene in front of my daughters and I had to call their father as I would never want them to witness that. I live with him and now I feel stuck and like I will never be able to gain custody of my girls. I guess I just need some direction as I feel immensely lost, emotionally,  and financially.

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