1. Me and my boyfriend have been together for 2.5 years and this is the year my boyfriend and I planned to take things to the next level (i.e. get engaged & move in together) I got into a big fight on Christmas due to my boyfriend’s obnoxious dad and my boyfriend decides he wants to hold off on the engagement but he still wants to move in together ‘to get to know each other better’. I  don’t necessarily agree with that, but we both agree to sleep on it and talk about it again later. We both still haven’t talked about it. 2020 gets here and your boyfriend’s older sister (3 years older) single mom by choice, perpetual bad decision maker, and overall screw up requests that he stays the night at her house EVERY night for THREE weeks straight. She makes him go to the store, bring her & her kid food, discipline her child, take the trash out, and listen to her vent about the tribulations that she’s caused to the point where you, yourself are barely seeing him and when you do talk on the phone it’s brief because she is calling or around . I used to be close with her, but at this point I am Furious with her and I’m 10 seconds away from telling her about herself. What should I do??
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