Any and all advice, experiences and the lessons taught through them and anything helpful is much appreciated.

Navigating triggers in a work place can be challenging enough so figuring out how to help ones employer reasonably accommodate us struggling with mental health challenges is a valuable thing.

Issues like

How to step back and ask basic grounding questions to distinguish if un due hardship is being caused by something that could be resolved with reasonable accommodations being made by the employer.

the when, why, and how’s of disclosing mental health challenges to management/company are a good one to share on.

Also any tips for those with mental health challenges looking for employment that will be successful and flexible to support employee’s mental health treatment plans.

Tips for those struggling with mental illness looking for insurance companies to best meet their needs and things to look out for like preauthorization of Medicines and the important on codes when dealing with a number of health appointments I’m one day.

*This is still relavent with employment because every employer would prefer you make a treatment plan with as little disruption to the “standard work day” as possible so knowing if two appointments will be covered by insurance can have serious consequences for someone struggling with mental health episodes etc. and just trying to get our basic needs met.

Perspective and lessons learned are the focuses of this out reach to this community but all constructive shares are welcome please.

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