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Most parents would agree that our teenage years looked a lot different than those of our children’s. Our kids are growing up in a time when everything is displayed on social media for their peers to see, dissect, and judge. As exciting as that immediate feedback may seem sometimes, there is also a vast amount of stress that comes along with it.

The expectation that kids need to always look perfect in pictures that are posted, reply with a funny comment, or be up to date on all the current trends and gossip can set teens up for an unrealistic view of what they should be. Columbia, MD teen counselors know just how harmful that can be on a teen’s mental health.

The diagnosis of mental health disorders are rising in our teenage population. Columbia, MD counselors have extensively studied this field and know that several factors contribute to an increase in mental health issues in teens, and the pressure of social media is only one of them. Other factors that increase the chances are a family history of mental illness, natural growth and change occurring in the developing teenage brain, and emotional or physical trauma.

Just as the causes of a mental health issues are varied, the problems teens face are varied as well. Some common issues that teens deal with are:

  • Low self-esteem
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Self-harm
  • Substance use
  • Violent behavior

When the pressure is so high to present your best self, teens can sometimes feel like there isn’t anywhere safe to turn when dealing with a personal problem. Columbia, MD teen counseling is a confidential environment where kids can express themselves without stress. Taking time to step away from the fast paced social media environment can give teens the chance to fully process their problems, questions and fears without judgement or pressure. Columbia, MD counselors are fully trained and up to date on the current research that affects kids and teens in their face paced environment.

One of our teen counselors would be happy to further discuss the effects of stress on teens and the treatment of mental health disorders. Call our office today to schedule an appointment.

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