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Considering the number of extravagant weddings that occur each year in the United States, you would think we’d have marriage figured out. The unfortunate news is, we don’t. We so glorify love, but many of our representations are unrealistic. Television, movies, and popular news would have us think romance is all happiness, all the time. However, relationships—at least, healthy ones—take more maintenance than we’re often led to believe. All couples disagree, and some disagreement is normal, but if that disagreement spirals out of control, the relationship can begin to deteriorate.

When Fights Become Something More

Some disagreement is normal, but when either partner is habitually unkind, no longer shares the same plan for the future of the relationship, or when disagreements become constant—or when communication stops completely—it’s time to get help.

Thriveworks Chelsea couples counseling sessions will look different depending on the individual needs of the couple, but in most cases the sessions include some work on communication skills. By learning to speak your partner’s love language, you can increase the positive interactions you have, learn coping skills for tough situations, and reaffirm a shared vision for the relationship.

If occasional disagreements have turned constant, or worse, if you or your partner have become apathetic toward the relationship, give Thriveworks Chelsea MA couples counseling a call. Your romantic relationship should be a source of strength and a place you can go for refuge. If you’ve lost the closeness that once brought you together, it is possible to regain it. Thriveworks Chelsea has helped many couples become close again, and we can help you too.

Thriveworks Chelsea MA Counseling Can Help

The goals of therapy do not include refereeing fights. The goals do include learning improved communication skills, how each other thinks, mutual appreciation, and to think outside yourselves (Meyerson). Those who have never attended counseling before may assume that the therapist will hear both sides and then pick the one they find the most rational. That is not the case. The therapist is a neutral third party, and the only side they will take is the side of the relationship as a whole.

During your couples counseling sessions, your therapist will instead help you determine the root cause of your struggles and work with you to develop a plan for relationship rehabilitation.

Since you found yourself at this article, it’s likely you and your spouse or partner are experiencing some serious issues. Thriveworks Chelsea couples counselors see clients for many reasons including infidelity, financial disagreements, arguments about how to raise children and whether or not to have them, and conflict about work/life balance. However, one of the best ways to keep your relationship healthy is to work continually at maintaining it. While sometimes relationships deteriorate even with the best of intentions, couples therapy is an effective tool to ensure that a relationship stays strong. Thriveworks Chelsea counselors actually work with happy couples fairly frequently. These couples check in with a therapist a couple of times a year to make sure they are maintaining healthy communication practices and that they are handling any new situations in a productive way. Marriage is a partnership, and partnerships require compromise between two people working for the mutual good.

“I’m very open about the fact that we go to couples counseling. I think everyone should be going, even if you think everything’s great… There are things about each of us that annoy the other, but instead of letting them fester, we get them out there and deal with them.”

Thriveworks Chelsea MA Couples Counseling

Thriveworks Chelsea MA counseling knows your marriage or partnership is the most important relationship in your life, and in fact it guides the rest of your life. When it’s out of balance, it’s difficult to fully enjoy the rest of your life. Thriveworks Chelsea MA is here to help. We don’t operate with a waiting list, and we can usually see you within 24 hours of your call. Don’t wait any longer to begin—the sooner you call, the sooner you can begin rebuilding your relationship.

Further Reading
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