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During her early teen years, Monique realized she was struggling with her sexuality. She was concerned her family would not accept her, and so she began to withdraw from them. While she never considered suicide, she lost interest in activities she used to enjoy, like dancing with the dance team. She constantly talked down about herself, and when her parents tried to engage her, she gave one word answers and ended the conversations as quickly as possible.

While Monique did not have major depressive disorder, she did have depression and would have benefited from therapy. It’s certainly true that many teenagers go through “a phase,” but in fact depression often begins during the early teen years, and if left untreated it can develop into major depression. It’s important not to discount depressive attitudes, particularly among young people.

Thriveworks Chelsea MA Anxiety and Depression Counseling

Anxiety and depression are incredibly common in the United States. In fact, every year nearly 20 percent of the population may visit their primary care doctor for symptoms relating to either anxiety or depression. Experiencing anxiety and depression is so difficult, but help is available. Counseling has proven to be effective for both. Our professional counselors at Thriveworks Chelsea MA have treated many clients just like you—clients who upon first entering our office may have felt completely alone, completely hopeless, clients who were ready to give up.

But you aren’t alone, and there is hope. Our counselors at Thriveworks Chelsea are experienced with the darkness of depression and anxiety, and we’ve had much success helping clients step back into the sunlight.

When to Seek Help

Those with generalized anxiety disorder may notice they have a hard time concentrating, trouble controlling worries or feelings of nervousness, have a hard time swallowing, feel light-headed or out of breath, or have difficulty relaxing (National Institute of Mental Health). Those experiencing depression may have those symptoms as well as a depressed mood, lack of interest in daily activities, low self-esteem, low energy, or thoughts of suicide. (If you experience suicidal ideation, we urge you to contact a therapist or suicidal hotline immediately.) If you experience any one of these symptoms and it interferes with your daily activities or is ongoing for two weeks or more, contact an anxiety and depression counselor. While we all have brief periods of “the blues,” when they go on for an extended period of time there is a danger of them compounding into a depressive disorder that could become dangerous for your health, both mental and physical.

What Is Counseling for Anxiety and Depression Like?

During your first counseling session, your therapist will get to know as much about you as possible. This includes your past, your current situation, your hopes, your dreams, and any symptoms that have been plaguing you. In the following sessions, you and your therapist will focus on uncovering the cause of your anxiety or depression. Once it is revealed, sessions will focus on cognitive behavioral changes. In other words, instead of overanalyzing why your depression or anxiety occurred in the first place, you will focus on changing your thoughts and beliefs surrounding the core experience. If there is a trauma in your past causing anxiety in your present, why the trauma occurred isn’t as important as your thoughts surrounding the trauma. For example, if the loss of a job resulted in your developing negative self-talk about your ability to provide for your family, we won’t focus on why you lost your job but on how you can retrain your thought process to be more positive. Your anxiety or depression counselor may also help you learn skills to cope with situations that might have previously triggered negative self-talk.

Thriveworks Chelsea MA Counseling for Anxiety and Depression

Thriveworks Chelsea MA counselors are here to help. If you’re struggling with the dark cloud of depression or anxiety, contact us. We don’t maintain a waiting list and can usually see new patients within 24 hours. If you are in pain, if you are struggling, even if you don’t know why, please call us. You can feel better. We can help.

Further Reading
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