South Charlotte Thriveworks Womens Support Group

Women’s Support Group

This is not an active group.

Thriveworks South Charlotte
3315 Springbank Lane, Charlotte


Women who may benefit from this support include women struggling or wanting additional support with:

  • Work-life Balance
  • Self-care
  • Self-confidence
  • Grief
  • Parenting
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Trust
  • Life Goals
  • Women’s Empowerment!

This clinically led group by Kim Matone, LPCA and Co-Owner of Thriveworks Counseling Charlotte and South Charlotte. This support group will help participants explore their role in their relationships and allow one another to share their experiences and hope.

There is no charge.
For more information call 980-313-4145.

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Dr Patricia Krikorian

Dr. Patricia will be an awesome addition to the Thriveworks team. I have worked alongside Dr. Patricia is several different settings and in all of them she represents the agency with a professional posture. Her strength comes from the value, integrity and dignity with which she gives to her work - Congratulations to Thriveworks!
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Dr. Patricia Krikorian

It is obvious from working with Dr. Patricia Krikorian that counseling is not a career for her as much as it is a calling. She is compassionate, professional, non-judgmental, and supportive. Her ability to get to the root of the problem and provide helpful and personal counseling solutions is a testament to her years of counseling experience. I highly recommend Dr. Krikorian!! She is passionate about helping others!
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The Best Culturally Diverse Therapist

I have known Dr. Patricia (Dr. Pat) for over 8 years and she has over 25+ years of experience in dealing with youth and adults in various clinical settings. Dr. Patrica is culturally and professionally competent in Counseling, Therapy, Addictions, Teaching, and Clinical Social Work as well as knowing how to deliver services to all ethnicities. Dr. Patricia uses various Therapy modalities such as Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), Psychodynamic, Family, Group, Individual, behavioral, Marriage and family therapy, and DBT, where she incorporates mindfulness, self-awareness, emotion regulation, and interpersonal communication into one's treatment plan. Dr. Patricia is the BEST!!!!
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Dr. Patricia Krikorian

Dr. Krikorian is a great and wonderful person that I've been blessed to have known her for over 3 years. In that short amount of time, she has been honest, kind, sharing, and compassionate about others. She is a great addition!
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Perfect Poise

Professionalism in a way that is teachable. Dr. Patricia Krikorian can teach or assist through any situation for both Singles and Families. She is kind and compassionate about others.
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Dr. Patricia Krikorian is THE Best!

You've got a winner in Dr. Patricia Krikorian. I have known her for years as my internship director, supervisor and ultimately mentor. She has guided me all the way and continues to do so with care and compassion. She is an expert in the mental health field and operates in excellence. She thoroughly enjoys what she does and results is her goal.
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I just wanted to say that Dr. Patricia Krikorian is a gem! She was my college professor and taught my Counseling class. She required us to be students of excellence because she is a woman of excellence. She passionately cares about helping anyone who needs guidance on how to navigate through life difficulties. She has many years of experience in her craft and takes pride in helping many throughout her career. She is by no means a novice and is well-respected by me and others.
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Congratulations – Dr. Patricia Krikorian

Congratulations to Thriveworks for adding Dr. Patricia Krikorian to their TEAM! I have known Patricia for many years in various clinical settings and not only does she have the education and expertise to support clients, but the style and grace to put them at ease. She will make a great addition to the Thriveworks family!
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