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The Heart wants What the Heart Wants

At the start of a relationship, we may have many questions running through our minds. Do they really like me or are they simply being polite? Where do I want this to go? Could this be a serious relationship? During this time, it seems like we spend almost as much effort trying to figure out what is happening in the relationship as we do enjoying time with our partner.

When we spend so much time analyzing things and trying to interpret latest text message or email, it’s easy to lose track of our feelings and what we truly want from the relationship. The old adage says, “Follow your heart,” however that’s not always the best route. We need to be sure our minds are just as engaged in the relationship. If they are, we can build something wonderful.

Listen to Your Head AND Your Heart

Listening to our heads in a relationship can be easier to say than to do. Couples counselors and therapists in Brooklyn NY know that, at the beginning of a relationship, the body releases powerful hormones, including adrenaline, dopamine and serotonin. These hormones work in our brains to encourage us to feel attachment to our partner.

If we only pay attention to our passions and our hormones, the relationship we build will often fail as soon as those feelings go away. Many couples have experienced this same issue. When this happens, it start a relationship cycle where they date only for short times, grow attached to someone, then suffer through the drama of breaking up when the hormones disappear.

Thriveworks Brooklyn NY Can Help You Ask the Right Questions

If your relationship seems to be fading, it doesn’t have to follow that same cycle. With assistance from Thriveworks Brooklyn couples counselors and therapists, your efforts can start to make improvements. Our relationship professionals have worked with numerous couples in the past that struggled as they found their passion cooling. Along with this experience comes a genuine care about you and your relationship. We want to see you succeed and be happy.

Call Our Staff and Find Out More

We all desire a relationship that lasts a lifetime. To make this happen, you have to build a healthy relationship from the start, and continually work to improve it throughout your life. Thriveworks therapists in Brooklyn can help provide the strategies and materials you need to take a good beginning and creating a happy tomorrow.

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