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All Relationships Go Through Seasons

All relationships go through different seasons; each season having its own ups and downs. The spring of a relationship just begun. The summer of passion as you and your partner draw closer together. Undoubtedly you have experienced these seasons in your own relationship. You have witnessed you’re relationship grow and contract at different times.

You may feel like Max and Janice, a married couple with three young kids under the age of 10. Their relationship started with fire and passion. Now, however, the energy seems to have ebbed. They find themselves being defined less and less as husband and wife, instead spending more and more time as mother and father.

You might find you and your partner more like Terry and Chris. Two people who were initially attracted to their opposite, finding someone who helped the other grow. Now they find that trying to get along with someone so different from themselves seems like an enormous challenge.

Or you may relate more Arnold and Celeste, a couple who are both previously divorced. At first, they welcomed the joys of building a new relationship. However, they now find themselves comparing this new marriage to their previous partners, and not always liking how the new model stacks up.

No matter where you are in your relationship, there are probably aspects that you would like to improve, ways you want your relationship to be different in the near future.

Will Couples Counseling Help?

You may be asking, how can a marriage therapist or couples counselor help me? Thriveworks couples counselors and therapists are relationship professionals that can help you clearly review your relationship and spot areas that may be troubling you. The training our therapists and counselors receive helps them understand the common struggles couples deal with during their relationships.

As we work with you, we help you identify issues you’re probably facing in your relationship. Once you begin to recognize when these issues come up, and discover some of the causes, we can support you in addressing and resolving them. Our staff is here to help you see that though relationships aren’t always easy, if you put in the effort your romantic life can improve.

We Want to Help You Build a Better Relationship

We understand you have options for couples counseling in and around Bronx, NY. We know you want to work with trained and licensed professionals who will support you as you work to make your relationship better. Your relationship is valuable to you, and you want to make the right decisions to see it succeed and grow. We invite you to contact us. Set up an appointment, and find out more about who we are and what we have to offer. We’re confident that we can provide the support you and your partner need.

You can schedule an appointment with a Thriveworks couples counselor in Bronx NY by calling (917)-525-2451.

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