Invention is the sincerest form of self-actualization.

A quick way to gaining satisfaction in pretty much anything is to create something. A mentality that is growing more prevalent these days is to share something amazing and likeable…and then leave it at that.

Sure, you may lend a cheeky opinion to the photo or article you just shared, but did you actually stamp your identity into it? If not, then what are you really getting out of it?

The fact is that it’s hard to find contentment in what you produce if it constantly rehashes the ideas and work of others. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t learn from others and be inspired, but it does mean you should prevent this from becoming your pattern.

Try to create something wholly original today. If you can’t, write down any and all ideas that you do have and review them with someone. Ask them what they think, and maybe that interaction will spark something novel.

Maybe it’s a blog post like this one, a painting, a website or anything that would require you to do something you simply like to do.

If you’re a writer, try to create something that isn’t a review or centered around someone else’s work. Write something that someone else will find worth reviewing.

If you’re an artist, try to design something that is abstract and inspired by what you are thinking in the moment. There is no reason not to!

At work, consider producing something original and valuable for your company. Invest some time in making a project yours, and you might end up making yourself invaluable in your profession.

Though you won’t always have meteoric results, habitually creating things will naturally make you better at those things. What’s easy to do is typically not worth doing, and nothing is quite as hard as creating something.

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