In a recent article published in Counseling Today magazine, and authored by licensed counselor Thomas Sherman, Thomas writes from personal experience about the nightmarish process of transferring his clinical license from one state to a bordering state just 3 hours away.

Here is my favorite sentence in the article. Thomas learns that even if his application materials are received in June, the board still wouldn’t review them until October.
Here in Dallas, a lot of so-called “hypnotist/hypnotherapists” pass themselves off as therapists and life coaches.

It’s amazing because they have NO clinical training to practice mental health.  I’m wondering i”The director told me that even if the board had received my application materials in June, they still would not have been reviewed until September.
In May and June, the director explained, the board reviewed disciplinary issues that kept its members from approving licensure applications, and then the board was on recess through July and August, despite what the person at the counseling board had previously told me regarding the board’s meetings. For four months (fully one-third of the year), the counseling board did not review applications, and when it would review them, it would take 30 days to respond.”f there are any laws out there to protect the public.

For example, there is a guy in Dallas who is top listed on Google for Hypnotherapy.

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